Crafting With Wrapping Paper

Crafting With Wrapping Paper

By Mary Emma Allen

Recycling used wrapping paper and keeping children busy can becombined in this craft which my grandchildren and their cousins foundfun.  It also gave me time to work at the computer while they were busyat the kitchen table around me.

So much wrapping paper comes with cute designs these days.  Myfamily is always admonishing me for saving so much.  But you never knowwhen it will come in handy for a craft with the children.

"We're busy, Nanny," 4-year old Alex says with a grin as he looksup from gluing happy faces to a paper plate.

Happy Faces Wrapping Paper

The wrapping paper that inspired me was some with happy facesleft from Alex's birthday gifts.  It's so cute, I thought.  There must besome way the children can use it.So when my grandneices were visiting, I got out:

Colorful wrapping paper

Blunt scissors for children
Stick glue
Inexpensive white paper plates

Then the children cut out the happy faces and glued them to theplates.  If they wanted, they could add designs with their crayons.Alex and 4-year old Annie made crude designs but they had funcreating.  Kara and Molly, at 8 and 7 years old, planned more elaboratecreations, coloring the middle, gluing the happy faces around the edge,and then attaching a piece of string so they could hang up theirpictures.

Various Types of Wrapping Paper

With so many different types of wrapping paper nowadays -flowers, animals, happy faces, geometric designs, movie characters - youhave a multitude of activities your children can create.(Write and tell me about creative activities and games you usewith your children and grandchildren.)

About the Author
Mary Emma Allen writes for children's and family magazines. Her book for children, "Tales of Adventure & Discovery," consists of anumber of her children's stories and poems.  Check it out on her website or e-mail her at of her books for families is "When We Become the Parentof Our Parents," about her mother's journey with Alzheimer's disease andhow families can cope.
Article Copyright 2000 Mary Emma Allen


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