Fatherhood Before the Teenage Years

Fatherhood Before the Teenage Years


By Chuck Hyde

Fatherhood is definitely an interesting job. I have three terrific children. Chuckie is seven years old. He is studious and exacting. Michael is six and very creative and mischievous. Emily is two months and very cute although she exhibits an attitude that a two month old should not possess. Seven years of fatherhood is a good time to write something like this. After seven years a father has learned a few things. He has survived the terrible twos, threes and fours, but still must endure the teenage years . Teenagers drive you nuts and separate you from your money through the cost of extra cars, college tuition, bail, etc. So while I have my mental faculties intact and can still afford a computer, I will impart my wisdom.

Fatherhood is:

-the first time you see your child at birth, wrinkles and all

-the first time your child smiles at you

-the first time your child laughs out loud

-the first time your child says dada

-the first time that beautiful, precious child looks at you and says NO

-getting tools for presents that you have no idea what their use is

-never knowing again where your tools are except that ratchet you found in the sand box after it has rained for three days.

-running through the store repeating "No no no" while your children race to keep up saying "Can I have this, can I have that, can I have this and that?"

-being asked questions that require a graduate degree to answer

-taking your children to their first baseball game

-being told every three minutes (I timed it) "I'm hungry" at the baseball game

Best of all though, fatherhood is being able to say "I don't know, ask your Mother".

Happy Father's Day and enjoy your children today and every day.

About the Author

Chuck Hyde is a Dad and a husband to Seeds of Knowledge editor Brenda Hyde, who often tells her children "Daddy was mistaken, he meant ask him later".


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