Whispering Wings

Whispering Wings


By Beth Allen

When you are feeling sad,

Just lower your head and Pray.

Soon you will feel the Whispering Wings

Brush your cares away.

Angels all around,

Their beauty will astound.

How surprising to see,

They look just like you and me.

Flitter in and out,

Don't be seen or heard,

Your identity must not be learned.

Leave a gift on step or door.

An earthly Angel has raised a friends spirits once more.

I lost my twins at six months of pregnancy. In the middle of the night I thought my water had broken. Getting up to go to the bathroom I didn't turn the light on. Whatever it was all over me was slippery. My husband came right in behind me and turned on the light, it was blood. One twin had miscarried.

I stayed in the hospital for a week. There had been light bleeding all along and I had not looked at any of the ultrasounds because the doctor told me I might not carry them full term. The day I left they told me to look and there was my other baby, wiggling and putting its little fingers in it's mouth. I was instantly in love. Unfortunately that one didn't make it either.

At my next appointment there was no heart beat. The hardest thing was still wearing maternity clothes and going to the store and people saying,"Oh when is the baby due?"

How do you respond? "Oh, I'm waiting to go into labour and have a still born child?" I think not.

Because the baby had begun to break down, I had a D&C thankfully. They put me to sleep. That was twenty-four years ago and I have come to look at it like this.

Babies are like Angels. Some come here to stay and help the world be a better place and some get a call to get right back to Heaven, they are needed there. Maybe they have wings we can't see and they fly back to Heaven. Some lose their wings while others don't.

My daughter had her baby very early but she had a good birth weight. The nurses said,"This little Angel is going to stick around for quite a while." I'll never forget that. It was like they knew she wasn't going to die. Little Avery had been able to shed her wings and stay. There were others in that NICU that didn't. They took their little wings and flew right back to heaven.

That is how I've come to terms with the grief.

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