Preserve and Display your Wedding Memories

Preserve and Display your Wedding Memories
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Create a lovely shadowbox frame to preserve the memory of that most beautiful day, your wedding! Perhaps your son or daughter are the ones tying the knot? This makes a wonderful gift that they will cherish forever.

For this project you will need:

*A large shadow box frame
*Paint or stain of your choice
*Fabric of your choice (satin or silk would be nice)
*Needle and thread
*Lace gloves
*Wedding photo
*Pearls by the yard
*Dried wedding flowers

Alternate suggestions:

*Instead of a handkerchief think about a piece of lace or doily.
*Instead of your own wedding flowers try buying some dried flowers at a craft shop.
*Instead of your invitation pen your vows or a bible passage onto parchment or pretty paper.


Gather all your wedding memorabilia together before choosing a background fabric or ribbon. It may be that a color scheme will become apparent.

Select a large shadow box frame. Paint or stain the frame to compliment your decor. The frame would also be pretty with a crackle finish. Cut a Piece of Cardboard to fit the back piece of the frame. This will allow you to change the shadow box display in the future should you so desire. Cut your fabric an inch larger on all sides and cover this cardboard using iron on fusible web following the directions on the web.

Arrange the remainder of your keepsakes without actually gluing or sewing until you are pleased with the overall layout.

The first piece to arrange is the handkerchief. Allow this to drape from the upper right corner to the bottom left corner. When you attach this use either small stitches or a small amount of glue.

The next memento to attach is the invitation. If you like the look of torn edges use a brush and wet a rectangular line around the invitation before tearing to make sure the tear goes where you want. Layer this over the lace at an angle pleasing to you in the upper left hand corner.

Dry a few of your wedding flowers by hanging upside down in a cool dark place. After they are dry tie a small bundle of 3 blooms with a ribbon and place on the right hand side of the arrangement on top of the lace. If you have lace gloves place them over the stems. Arrange the garter next to the flowers. Place a small wedding photo overlapping the bottom right hand corner of the invitation.

Final Step

Finally, scatter any other mementos you may have such as napkins, a special card, ticket stubs, or a cluster of rice in a piece of netting in the bottom left hand corner. When you're pleased with the composition wind the ribbon and pearls over and under in a large 'S' shape and glue or stitch each item into place. Assemble the frame and hang.


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