Five Ways to Choose Upholstery

Five Ways to Choose Upholstery
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Is your family room a place where everyone can be comfortable? Or are you constantly worrying about the possibility of stains on sofas or chairs? Is your living room furniture "off limits" to all but adults because you are worried that having children within twenty feet of it will cause it to fray, pill, or wrinkle? Well, my advice is to "Lighten up!" and go shopping for slipcovers! Or if you are buying new furniture, find pieces upholstered in "kid-friendly" fabrics. Here are five easy ways to make certain your new upholstery is suitable for every member of the family!
1. Fabrics with a higher thread count (the number of threads per square inch) and a tighter weave are more durable that those with looser weaves. They will stand up the hard abuse that your family dishes out!

2. Fabrics made of natural fibers will absorb stains more quickly than man-made fabrics, but they will clean up better. Fabrics made with man-made fibers are soil-resistant but don't clean up as well (those kool-aid stains may be difficult to remove!)

3. Highly-textured fabrics, such as tweeds, can fray easily when they get excessive use. The fabrics which stand up best to fraying are flat weaves such as cottons or jaquards.

4. Light colors show soil, while dark colors show debris and dirt. Why not try a medium color with a pattern? Patterns can hide a multitude of forgotten chocolate chips!

5. Buy washable slipcovers for whatever sofa you chose. It will extend the wear of the sofa and chair and help you relax! If something gets spilled, just throw the slipcover in the washing machine and refit it on the sofa while it is still slightly damp.

After you bring that spiffy new sofa or chair home, remember to rotate the cushions every month and vacuum them regularly. Doing so will prolong the life of the sofa. Maybe it will even last until the kids leave home!

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Pamela Cole Harris is an editor, writer and eco-decorator with 35 years experience. She is the guide for budget decorating.

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