Unspeakable: The Truth About Grief

Unspeakable: The Truth About Grief

A Book Review By Brenda Hyde

Unspeakable: The Truth About Grief

by Herb Orrell

Published by Bayou Publishing

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Grief is a personal journey-one that is different for each of us. I've grieved many times, and I have watched people I love struggle through seemingly endless grief. I do not believe in telling them "This too shall pass" or "Time will heal". I think those are things goodhearted people say when they are at a loss for words. When I read Unspeakable-The Truth About Grief by Herb Orrell I was struck by the feeling that he KNOWS because he's been there. He has questioned God because of his own personal grief and the suffering he has witnessed.

He shares his journey through grief and guilt with us. We go with him as he tries New Age methods and questions when they don't work. We learn about the basis for theology and the view most people think they are suppose to have of the world. He tells us it's okay to ask "Why?" and more importantly it's okay to be angry. Why shouldn't we be angry when someone we love is taken from us, or when we see suffering? Should we stop being angry when we realize the people around us are uncomfortable with this? Should we change our tune and smile when they cringe at our harsh words? Should we feel guilty at being angry? Herb Orrell is an honest writer who doesn't hold back. He shares his experiences openly and we grieve with him.

Unspeakable is not an easy read. I cringed. I cried. Then I understood, and so will you.

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