I Trust You Will Keep Them Safe

I Trust You Will Keep Them Safe


I Trust You Will Keep Them Safe

by Teresa L. Daily

Where has the past five years gone? My twins are now starting Kindergarten. I can't believe this! It seems as if it were only yesterday that I brought them home. My little bundles of joy! As much as I hate to see it, my children are growing up. Emily has grown into a beautiful young lady. She has sandy blonde hair that is filled with curls. You know the type. Hairs in little ringlets that falls just below the ears. Her eyes, angelic and deep green in color. She has a smile that would spark any heart to flame. Anthony, is all boys. He likes wearing Levi jeans and white T-shirts. He also loves his hair done in a flat top cut. Because he wants to look just like his father. His brown eyes sparkle with mischief. He is a handsome little devil. I trust you to keep them safe.

I have tried to prepare my children for this big day, all summer long. I bought the children books to help show them how to act on a school bus. I also practiced bus safety with them. Hoping above all else that they would know how to follow these rules. In just a few short days I will watch as my children stroll across the front lawn to board a school bus. For the first time in their young life.

I will watch the while they learn that 'Mom and daddy is not the only person's responsible in driving them to school, sporting events, band contests and trips to the zoo.

I will recall the times that I have taught them the importance of how to enter and exit a school bus, and pray that they will have remembered. I trust you to refresh their minds.

I leave with you today, smiles and laughter, and mischievous eyes. Excitements and disruptions. All of the distractions that my children may face upon an active school bus. I trust you will keep them safe.

Please, keep in mind that I have seen the news reports. I have watched as bus drivers leave children at the wrong places. I have watched as a town mourns the loss of a precious life, as well as watched as distraught drivers try to mend theirs.

However, I am loaning to you, my children. A little girl and boy in blue jeans and white T-shirts. I am loaning to you the sparkle in their eye and the laughter in their voice and trust that you will keep them safe.


Their Mother

About the Author:

Teresa Daily lives in a small town in Iowa. She enjoys writing stories because stories have a way of keeping alive life's experiences. "My dream is that through my words I am able to help others. And who knows, someone else just might benefit from them," Teresa told us. You can email Teresa at MaryOkaye@aol.com.


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