New Life From Old Treasures

New Life From Old Treasures

By Mary-Ellen Grisham

Recently our washer ran over, and I had a big, messy clean-up of suds and soapy water. In the process, I had to unpack and reorganize several large boxes of stored keepsakes.

One box contained dishes that used to belong to my mother. I gently ran my hands over the beautiful china tea set with matching dishes, cups, and saucers, remembering gatherings at which it had been used. As I recall, I had just insisted that I have that set because of the beauty of the delicate orange, gold, and rust design.

Even though mom shared her treasures with many friends and family members, she was willing to give me the tea set. Even with all my urgency to have it, the set has been sitting unused for the last four years. Without the "flood" downstairs, I might never have unpacked it.

Now the tea set is washed and in kitchen cupboards where it can be used frequently. My mother valued serving others through hospitality, and I know she wanted her things to be used. It is strange how a minor household disaster served to remind me of precious family traditions and the importance of sharing treasures.

It is stranger still that in one of the other boxes I found a varnished wood block with artwork on it. The country artist who signed herself "Merry" had painted a teapot with a mound of daisies in it. As I looked at it, I thought it summed up my experience pretty well. Out of the rough "blocks" of our experience, lovely traditions and treasures can point the way to fresh beginnings and meaningful renewal of long-time customs.

(c)2000 Mary-Ellen Grisham

About the Author

Mary-Ellen Grisham is a guest writer at Seeds of Knowledge. If you would like to contact her please send an email to


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