Children's Travel Games

Children's Travel Games

These are verbal games you can play with your child that keeps them occupied and leaves you free to concentrate on driving or filling out forms in the doctor's office, for instance.
Find the Shapes

As you are driving, ask your child to find everything that is shaped like a square or a triangle for example. Great for toddlers who are just learning about shapes. You can do the same with colors too.

Finish My Story

You start a story and have each child add a part to it. It is fun and stretches thier verbal and cognitive skills. Great for Preschoolers.

Where am I

Give your older child clues about a particular city around the globe and ask him/her to guess where you are. Great for geography. Can also be done with history giving clues about a particular time asking "When am I?".

Card Spell

In order to learn spelling words, you can give a card for each letter in the word. If the word is spelled wrong, you lose the cards for this round. If correct, you keep them. In the second round you go over the words you missed and put the cards back in that you missed them with. If correct you keep them. You win if you keep all the cards. (This can also be done with candy.)

The Opposite Game

Ask your son/daughter to give you the opposite of a word.

What do your ears do

Ask your toddler to tell you what each part of the body does and give examples. Such as; You hear with your ears. You can hear music, stories, daddy snoring.

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About the Author

Joanne Tabares has developed a new product called "E-STORYBOOKS". Unique storybooks written especially for your child from information you provide about his/her favorite things. She also has written 50 Ways to Entertain and Educate Your Child While Driving, and a personalized baby book. For more information be sure to visit Joanne at Kidcessities(Necessities 4 Kids) or E-Storybooks!.


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