A Tote For Your Creative Inner Child

A Tote For Your Creative Inner Child

by Lori Pirog

Anyone who has spent time around babies is familiar with baby bags or totes. When caring for a baby away from home most people choose to be prepared with at least the essentials. We carry diapers, baby wipes, bottles, snack food, toys... the list goes on.

If we can be so attentive, loving, and caring for babies and toddlers, why can't we do the same for ourselves? If our inner child always wanted to be a writer or an artist, what are we doing for that child's needs?

We can be prepared. As adults we find ourselves spending an incredible amount of time standing in lines, waiting in traffic, driving our children to and from a multitude of different activities, sitting in waiting rooms...

Are you depressed now? Don't be. This is time you can put to good use with one or more simple tote bags. Inexpensive bags can be purchased at discount stores. Maybe you have a tote bag you received for free from a book club or other organization.

Take one tote and fill it with inspirational and informative reading. To become a better writer it is very important to read. This is equally true for artists. Artists paint or draw not only what they see but also what they know. So gather up all the unread magazines, newsletters, or newest book on your craft that are sitting around your home.

Put all of your reading material in one sturdy tote bag. If there's too much to fit in the bag or it's too heavy to carry then you need to do some serious pitching or filing. Having too much to read will not help you find time, it will more likely make you feel guilty and overwhelmed. Be nice to yourself and keep handy only the most recent.

Next you need another tote bag or two for your writing or art supplies. Keep it simple. There's no need to drag around any more than is necessary.

A Writer's Tote

For writers it couldn't be easier. All you need is a pad of paper and basic writing instruments. Personal digital assistants with portable keyboards or elegant leather-bound journals might be nice but are not necessary.

Spiral bound notebooks are inexpensive and a good choice. Wireless notebooks with perforated pages are slightly more expensive but come with an added benefit. The pages can be easily removed and filed by subject or story at a later time.

If you spend much time in your car, a small hand held tape recorder to record your thoughts could be valuable. And don't forget books on tape.

An Artist's Tote

For an artist, stock your bag with a hard cover sketchbook and a mechanical pencil. If you write as well as draw, look for a sketchbook with pages that are lined on one side and blank on the other.

Do you like color in your drawings or small studies? Include a few colored pencils, brush type markers, or a small watercolor kit and a few brushes. The postcard size watercolor blocks are inexpensive, lightweight, and work great for watercolor studies. Carry water in a couple of small plastic film containers.

The choices of what you could place in these tote bags are endless. Don't get carried away. What's more important is that you place these totes where they can be easily grabbed anytime you head out the door.

Choose to make a little progress each day reading, writing, or drawing and you can be a writer or an artist. Have fun with this. Give your inner child a chance to smile!

Copyright © 2002 Lori Pirog

About the Author:

Lori Pirog publishes A Creative Line ezine. Creative Ideas, Resources, and More for Children's Writers, Illustrators, and Artists. She is a self-taught artist and a freelance writer with degrees in Family and Consumer Science and Human Nutrition. For more information or to subscribe to her newsletter visit: http://www.picturebooksandart.com.


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