Enjoying the Real Priorities

Enjoying the Real Priorities
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Last week was insane. My schedule allowed about five minutes of breathing time which I guarded like a hawk. I started each day with an 'okay, I just need to get through this fill-in the activity of your choice and things will settle down a bit'. My focus was on getting through the stuff I 'had' to do so that my life could return to some sense of normalcy.
Mid-way through the week, I received a subtle reminder of how misguided my priorities had become. My youngest climbed into bed with me one morning with his usual greeting of 'Mama, I'm hungry'. When I asked what he would like to eat, he replied 'oh, I want something very special this morning.' . With a groan, I carefully weighed all the options; waffles, banana pancakes, muffins, against the amount of time before that day's 'stuff'. During my algorithmic calculations of the Hassle factor (you know the formula....the amount of Very Special Thing Hassle divided by threat of tantrum if Very Special Thing isn't delivered plus Schedule Hassles divided by severity of kid tantrum if schedule is followed without Very Special Thing), my son beamed 'I want toast with butter today Mama!'

Okay, so toast and butter is not way up on my list of 'very special', and it certainly doesn't require eons of preparation time. My son, however, revels in toast in butter. He loves the warmth. He loves the crispy toast. He loves butter....man, does he love butter!

My son's priority was on enjoying one of his morning treasures. It is simple, it makes lots of crumbs, and he finds happiness in it. In the five minutes it took him to wolf down two slices of toast, he felt more happiness than I had seen all week.

I made toast. I regrouped. I simplified.

I also remembered how to smile again.

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Catie Gosselin is the founder and editor of WomanLinks.com, an online community for women founded on principles of supporting, empowering and informing all women. She is also a homeschooling mom of two young boys. Catie has been a long time supporter and friend. Enjoy her other articles on our site:

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About The Author

Catie Hayes is founder/editor of WomanLinks.com, a community of support, spirituality, growth and empowerment for women. She is a freelance writer, the single homeschooling mom of two, and an avid fan of laughter, spontaneous dancing, cats and chocolate (not necessarily in that order).

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