Teddy Bear Tea Parties

Teddy Bear Tea Parties

Afternoon Tea Ideas from The Parlor

A Teddy Bear theme for a children's tea can't be topped. It's always a success, no matter what their age and is remembered for a lifetime. The members of our Tea Time discussion forum have been sharing ideas for years and these are just a few of the Teddy Bear favorites:

Bunny's Teddy Bear Tea at the Library

We had a Teddy Bear Tea at the local Library. We invited local children to bring their favorite teddy bears. We set up the low library table and tiny chairs for tea. We bought some inexpensive "sippy" cups to slow down the spill rate! We served hot cocoa, and very milky tea! We also served peanut butter and jelly bread fingers, and cinnamon sugar cream cheese toast triangles with fruit cups on the side. One of the librarians read several books about tea parties for children...sorry not sure of titles....and we played a few games of searching for Teddy's Things ( Teddys glasses, Teddys vest, Teddys hat etc....) We had a Teddy that we undressed and hid his items of clothing all over the childrens book room. We had displayed the Dressed Teddy a few weeks before the Tea with a poster announcing the event. We had about 20 attend and they are eagerly anticipating next years Teddy Tea!

Elizabeth's Teddy Bear Tea

After looking through some tea books together she decided on the Teddy Bear theme and she has instructed each girl to bring her favorite bear. I've told her they can use some of my pretty tea cups and she has already chosen the one she plans to use. She wants finger sandwiches and chocolate dipped strawberries, along with teapot and teddybear shaped cookies. I'm looking for some plain white cups and saucers and I'm going to let each of them decorate one to take home as a favor. It is so wonderful to be able to share something you really enjoy with someone so special to you.

There were 4 little girls (ages 6 - 8). They all came dressed for the occasion and bringing their Teddy Bears. My Elizabeth has a boy (Jack) and she got him a tuxedo at the Teddy Bear Factory. We had peanutbutter and jelly, ham, cheese, and cucumber sandwiches (Elizabeth requested those) - no crusts of course. Our sweets were teddy and teapot shaped sugar cookies, little frosted brownie muffins, and frosted pound cake tidbits. Oh, yes, plus chocolate dipped strawberries. Even though we had lemonade (just in case) all 4 girls wanted tea (with milk and sugar).

After they ate they donned old shirts and painted teacups and saucers. They were very creative and enjoyed it immensely. We then made necklances with plain beads and some shaped like teddy bears. We gave each girl a little teddy bear to take home. Elizabeth made a thank you note for coming and her daddy scanned it onto the computer and printed it on card stock. We cut those out like a puzzle, put the pieces in envelopes decorated with teddy bear stickers and the girls took those home too. They really did seem to enjoy it and of course Momo (that's me) probably enjoyed it the most. ~bwag

Teddy Bear Birthday Tea

I just had a Teddy bear tea party for my daughter's 9th birthday party. I found this sight and it helped with idea's my 9 year old and I made the napkin rings and each child took them home at the end of the party I got other ideas from them also. Here is the site He-and-she.com.

I also went to Toys R Us and found a tea set that the kids got to paint and take home with them. The set (teapot, sugar bowl, creamer, luncheon plates, saucers, and tea cups were $9.99 I think each set had a service for 4 ). I had found plain white cups at Goodwill, but I'm sure any thirft store might carry them also. Editor's note: You can find a tea set to paint here, and inexpensive white cups here online. ~targirl

Playgroup Teddy Tea

When my daughter was little we had a teddy tea for her playgroup. All the children made tiaras - one for themselves and one for teddy. We used glue, feathers, beads etc on cardboard circles that I'd precut and then stapled to fit each child/teddy. They wore their tiara while we had tea. ~Lizzy, Parlor Hostess and Moderator

Preschool Age Birthday Party Tea

My daughter is turning 3 this Sunday and is having a fancy tea party (white gloves optional) for a few of her friends. For a craft, I purchased straw hats from Michael's, with big floppy brims, some beautiful wide ribbon, and a ton of fake flowers. As the girls arrive, we are each making a hat to wear out back to the party. I decided to do this instead of a favor bag, my daughter and I made a couple of samples, and she has been wearing them everywhere (from church to soccer games). We put the ribbon around the front of the hat and used a crochet hook to pull it through above the ears so it can tie beneath the chin. With older girls, you could just wrap it around and tie a bow instead of threading it through the hat. Total cost came to less than $3/child.

Our menu: Raspberry Ice tea (at room temp), Butterfly shaped tea sandwiches, Mini Almond pasties (Recipe Here), Fresh fruit, and of course Birthday cake.~bsktbug2

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