High Fashion Tea Party - Creative Birthday Ideas!

High Fashion Tea Party - Creative Birthday Ideas!

By Rachel Webb

COST: Under $20

AGE: Girls ages 5-10


At my daughters last birthday she was very much into dressing up. I would hear her and her friends talking in British accents and pretending to be royalty, they had so much fun we designed a birthday party for her around the theme. It was huge success, here's how:

INVITATIONS: When sending your invitations, encourage all party participants to come dressed in fancy play dress-up clothes for the party. A creative way to deliver the invitation would be to put it in a charming yet inexpensive thrift store teacup. Or attach it to a strand of dress-up beads.

EARLY PREPARATIONS: The night before the party make a variety of hour-D'oevres and arrange on silver serving trays. We offered Deviled Eggs, Pineapple or Cheese spread on celery sticks, tiny smoked sausages, finger sandwiches cut into shapes and raspberry sherbet with ginger ale made a fluffy drink.

SET THE STAGE: Arrange to have the party at a public garden or park for the best scrapbook moment. A neighbors deck provides an unusual setting too. Weather didn't cooperate with us and our dining room worked just as well with the right props. Decorate with lots of candles, layered tablecloths (layering sheets is a frugal alternative) with sparkly confetti sprinkled on the table. If the girls don't want to wear the boa's they make a fun center piece too. This is the time to get out grandma's china, silver or crystal. If you have a small group of girls and keep the ambience formal, even young girls will be on their best behavior when using the nice place settings. Choose soft classical music for the background. Remember the mood you set is what makes this party work!

FASHION FROLICKING: Have a room for party goers to meet in as they are showing up, this would be a good time play a gathering game, to make a take-home craft, fix each others hair or put on their play make-up. We decided to paint on plastic steam wear and goblets to drink out of later at the tea party. Then we let the girls have several minutes of privacy for unsupervised primping and showing off their new attire. Be prepared with extra boas, hats, kid gloves, beads and baubles if some girls don't come dressed appropriately for high tea!

TEA TIME: Dress up the birthday girls Father, Grandfather or significant other male figure in a tuxedo or suit. Drape a clean white towel over his arm. (This step is the most important part of the fun, please don't skip this part, use bribes if you have too) Daddy's job is to announce the girls as they arrive and escort them to the table one by one on his arm and seat them. My dear husband spoke in a British accent the entire party. He always referred to the girls as Madame or My Lady and waited on them hand and foot. While they were eating he would stand erect next to our daughter and inquire formally if she and her friends would care for anything else. At one lull in the girls Tea-Talk, my husband addressed the lady of the table as to the whereabouts of the prince and would he be joining them? Without missing a beat my daughter carried on the conversational act to the delight of her friends!

About the Author

Author Rachel Webb is a mother of 4 and a freelance writer.

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