Tea Party Ideas from The Parlor: A Tea Party-to-Go

Tea Party Ideas from The Parlor: A Tea Party-to-Go

From Licia

Several years ago, we started having tea parties, mostly silly teas. This started as just a way to get together with people we didn't see often enough.
We had a lady in our church who was 95 years old and had always been very social, but due to advanced age and medical problems was no longer able to get out much. We were going to visit her and knowing how she had loved to entertain and knowing she was no longer able to do so, several of us packed sandwiches, cookies, tea and everything we needed and took it to her. We just put everything in a large basket. She was very happy with the results, and we were also. It happens we had visited her on her birthday without any of us having known of it. When we got everything ready, she insisted on using her lovely dishes that were not used anymore. She was so very happy we had come and we enjoyed it at least as much as she. Her husband had been in the ministry years before and she had some interesting stories to tell.

Also, we have a friend who had breast cancer and was not mending well. We took tea to her. They are both retired and she had said her husband would be napping while we had tea. When we arrived, he didn't want to take a nap and insisted on having tea with us. They both enjoyed the time very much and not to our credit, but she is doing very well - In fact, she has been cancer free for 5 years now and I saw her at my friend's Christmas tea this season.

We try to simplify things to the point that it is manageable without taking away from the occasion. Sometimes the people we take our parties to find they want to contribute something too, cookies, cake. We take all of what we need but it makes them feel good to know they took part. At first it seemed like a lot of work, but several hands doing it, makes an easy job of it. I have had tea parties for my mother and her sisters, my sisters and even our husbands. At first they protested, but we saw later where they had made their own tea and finished our other refreshments.

The amazing thing about this is that everyone is left in a much better frame of mind and quite relaxed. I don't believe it is just the party, but maybe the attention we didn't expect. In fact, I feel a tea party coming on and just need to find an unsuspecting recipient.

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