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tea partyIdeas from The Parlor

Our community members are moms, aunts, and grandmas and we love tea parties. Give us any excuse to put on a tea and we're there! We've shared countless ideas over the years and these are some of the great children's tea party ideas from The Parlor.

Fairy Princess Tea Party

When my oldest of two daughters was 3, she was into the Princess "thing". We had a long running "Castle" story that was so wonderful, I wish now that I had it recorded. Anyway, for her birthday party, which is in February, we thought about inviting all the girls she knew from "tots dance" class, and some girlfriends in the neighborhood for a Fairy Princess Tea Party. We made her favorite cookies (basic recipes) Chocolate Chip/ Peanut Butter/ White chococolate etc. When they were cooled, we used metal heart shaped cookie cutters and made the entree. (the scraps weren't bad!) For a beverage, we used Sparkling cider and Hot apple cider (packets). I found some really nice china cups at a thrift store (no two were the same) they were actually kind of cool. The girls got to keep the cup/saucer as a favor. I decorated the dining room with a lot of bedding (canopy tops, satin sheets), Material (from the 2nd hand store also)- threw that on the walls and over the chandelier with some doorway ribbons for extra flair. We made some angel wings with thin wire and knee highs that we painted with glitter glue and the glitter hair coloring (left over from Halloween) and used elastic for the belt. We then took them to the park around the corner from our house (our backyard was really muddy) and let them "Treasure Hunt" for a few goodies. They had sooo much fun! They still remember it today. All in all, it wasn't expensive. It was more time consuming than anything. But what a day! :D ~From Mary

Birthday Tea Ideas from Roses

I have had a few tea parties for my little girl. The first time was for her 6th birthday. I went to the Goodwill and bought several fancy lady's dresses, "prom gowns etc" hats, purses, gloves, and high heel shoes. I had them all hung up when the girls arrived and they got to pick items of their choice. Then they all fixed each others hair. ( I bought several hair clips and such, really cheap at the dollar store) I really didn't have to have games for them to play because they were so busy playing wedding and such. For lunch, Ashley (my daughter) served them tea from her tea set and I had made a fancy pink cake. I made sandwiches and cut them out with cookie cutters. I had the table done up with pink cloth and used pink and light blue tulle draped all around it with flowers. For party favors I bought pink paper bags and put tea items in them. The girls in her class STILL talk about the party and ask when there is going to be another one. ~Roses

Gloria Jean's Ideas for 5 year olds:

Have them bring their teddy or dolly with them. Have the Birthday Girl dressed up, and have some hats, boas, old costume jewelry for the guests to dress up as well. I had the afternoon tea with them. I set up about 5 little tables and chairs, and put printed material on top of them to look lacey. Then made some cinnamon scones, Devonshire cream, had some finger sandwiches like tuna, chicken, peanut butter and jelly, and made some raspberry lemonade for them that they drank from their cups. If they did not want lemonade, I let them have milk, or tea with lots of milk and a little sugar. For favors we gave each of them a small straw hat (size for a doll) that I put a few artificial flowers and ribbon on. They sung songs that you can get for children, such as "I'm a Little Teapot", etc. I let the moms stay, and they had tea with scones and some finger sandwiches as well. They all have a wonderful time. ~Gloria

GooseyGoose's Tea Party Ideas:

We have a house in town that dates pre- Civil War. The historical society owns it now and has redone it. Every year they have a Teddy Bear Tea fashion show. It is so cute to look at the videos years later and see how cute your daughters were and how grown they are now.

I have had birthday tea parties for my girls too. Send a formal looking invitation and ask that each little girl wear their very best. I let them make their own hats by using paper plates. Decorate them with colored tissue paper and ribbons. Use crepe paper streamers to tie them on their little heads.

A teacher I know gave her third grade class a tea party. They were studying Colonial times. She had each girl make a calling card with a saying on it. My mother lives one block from the school. She had all of her good silver and real china out and tea goodies for them to eat. She served them in the backyard by the fish pool, tables decorated for a garden party. I hope you can picture how cute these little girls were walking in line up the block wearing their best.

Manners in our children seem to be a thing of the past. Tea parties are such a nice way to keep these things going.

wvubear has help from Barbie:

Our local library has a Little Miss Tea Party every year. It was fun, but I am planning a tea party at the end of the school year for my daughter and her friends. I have found some wonderful ideas for treats and crafts for little girls at in the parent's section. There so many ideas they have each month that I signed up for their newsletter. Some of the ideas were cupcake gardens, plan a party, press and frame flowers, and many others. ~wvubear

A Dress-Up Tea Party

I gave a birthday tea party for my daughter a few years ago. I asked that the girls come "dressed up" for the occasion. The girls came dressed up in their mother's dresses, hats, gloves, jewelry and heels. I had a table set outside with a white linen tablecloth, refreshments, and a vase of fresh picked tulips. (Her birthday is in April) I laid a few older quilts out on our lawn for the girls to sit on. We played yard games, opened presents. and giggled the evening away. What was really nice was that I had no messy house to clean! Also, I had called the newspaper photographer about a week before to take a picture. They did this for free and a picture of all of the girls was in the paper. The press will do this if it's within traveling distance. It's free and a nice memory to look back on. I also took plenty of pictures. (Never go without film!) ~Deborah

Afternoon of Elegance for All Ages

We just had one for my daughter in law and the early arrival of our new Granddaughter AnnaLisa Maria on the 15th of September. We held it at our Community Center. All mothers, daughters and grandmothers attended. My sister, who lives in the area and her daughter-in-law were hostesses. Mandy took little sugar cubes and decorated each one with a pink rose bud and a green leaf. She made Petit Fours. Mary Kay brought the tea service, tablecloths, hats, gloves and shawls. She spoke to everyone about manners and how tea parties got started. We had conversations about how beautiful we looked and the more complimentery we could, get the better. The eyes of the little girls light up and soon the Moms and the Grandmas were lighting up as well. It was an afternoon of pretend and elegance. I highly recommend every one having one. We served little chicken salad finger sandwiches, a vegetable plate with dip and a fruit plate with fruit dip. I am sure all the hard work was worth all the fun we had. ~grama jan

Pearls and Lace

I do have an idea for a theme for a mother daughter tea for Pearls and Lace. Ask the mothers and daughters to wear some item of lace, and any pearls they have. Almost everyone has a pair of pearl earrings, or a choker or a string of ( even Faux) pearls. Decorate with lace swatches, and strings of "Pearls" ( I bought six foot lengths at Christmas time in the Holiday Garland dept. of my local dollar store!) This adds a nice note of elegance to a tea, and it provided more than one of our mothers the opportunity to buy their daughters a real but not too expensive pair of pearl earrings! Contact a local jewelry store, they may offer a special, or come and do a jewelry show for you. There are even edible pearls to decorate cakes with you could do the tops of the little cakes! If you do the tea post Valentine's Day, I'll bet you can find a lot of things that are lacey! Bunny;)

Mother's Day Tea and May Day

We are having a Mother's Day Tea at my preschool this week. I have the threes. We are doing it simple. First, the kids are tye dying their moms a hat out of huge coffee filters with the bottems cut out. They will then scrunch tissue paper to staple on a flower. We are serving tea and lemonade in little teapots with angel food cake slices. The children will prepare fruit syrups with fresh fruit that we will put into squirt bottles. The mom and child will "decorate" their slice of cake with the syrups before eating. It is "food art". I will have colored table cloths, scented candles and classical music.

I attended a May Day Tea at church yesterday with my daughters. It was very nice. There was background given about how tea parties began and trivia about types of tea, etc. We brought our own teacups and saucers and some shared stories about their cups. The food was exquisite. They had lovely serving tiers layered with various types of tea sandwiches and scones. There was honey butter and jams as well. There was lemonade and water for the kids or those who really don't care for tea. They had two teapots on warmers with flavored hot tea in them; one decaf and one not. There was also hot water and a variety of tea bags available to try as well. Of course, lemon and cream was readily available too. The hostess prepared little gifts for us to take home based on an old May Day tradition where a bag was decorated, filled with goodies and left hanging on a friend or neighbor's door handle. They had made them from pastel paper and lace, filled with chocolates. They gave away the impatients that adorned the tables through asking trivia questions like "Who has been to England? and Who has the most grandchildren?". A craft and activity table was also setup in the rear for the little girls that needed something else to do.~Postey

Young Ladies' Church Tea:

Before: I'm decorating in an Easter theme. I'm planing to have ham, turkey, cheese and peanutbutter and jelly sandwiches (no crusts, of course); also tiny frosted brownie muffins, decorated mini white cakes, shortbread cut in teapot shapes and chocolate covered strawberries. To drink we'll have tea with lots of milk and sugar and strawberry lemonade. They will each be making a little picture frame (bought picket fence ones from OrientalTrading.) and we are creating a pretty backdrop and taking digital pictures of each girl which they will get for their frame.

After: The young ladies' tea was Saturday and was a real success. There were 14 girls there. They all came dressed up and looked so pretty. We took there picture at a little set we made - wrought iron bistro table and chair with a teapot and teacup on the table. We had the foods that I mentioned in my original post and they all seemed to enjoy them. Oh, I did add some frosted cinnamon sugar cookies. To drink we had assorted teas and raspberry lemonade. It really surprised me how many of the little girls wanted tea and they all had it with milk and sugar (lots of sugar) We made the picture frame for their photo and played Bunny Bingo. It was definitely enough to fill the 2 hours that we had allotted for the tea. It was really a special time. As one 6 yr. old put it "That tea was awesome." ~Bwag

Fairy Tea Party

It was held in the backyard under an umbrella festooned with pink/white balloons and streamers - very pretty. They sat and made crowns from silver coloured carboard and stuck on jewels and feathers and took those home. Dad played some little-girl disco music and they danced around with their crowns on. Ate fairy bread (bread/butter and hundreds & thousands sprinkled on top); fresh popcorn (no butter/salt). but-mum

Favorite Doll Tea Party

My daughter was invited to a Birthday Tea her one friend had. The girls had a lovely time! The invitation was to "Miss Rachael Kneice and Favorite Doll". Instead of regular Birthday Presents, each child brought one to trade. They had a room set up for the "babies" to sleep during the tea time, and all the girls were dressed up. They had lemonade as well as tea, and little sandwiches and tea cakes. ~sprite

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