Sunflower Seed Crafts

Sunflower Seed Crafts


By Brenda Hyde

Children love sunflowers!  If you've grown them thisyear you can use the seeds for many fun craft projectsIf you didn't grow them, never fear, you can usually buythem bulk from the grocery store or local garden centerwhere they sell birdseed.

Paper Plate Sunflower

You'll need:

Paper plates
sunflower seeds
yellow paint, crayons or markers

The first step depends on the age of the child. You can either leave the plate as is and simply color it yellow with paint, crayons or markers-leaving the center white. If the child is older they can use scissors and cut the edges of the plate into petal shapes. Either way, it turns out great!After they've colored the "petals", then they should gluethe sunflower seeds in a round pattern on the center ofthe plate until it's filled.

If you'd like to hang the sunflowers, punch two holes-one on each side at the top of the sunflower. Make sure they are evenly spaced from the sides and the top so it will hang straight.  Tie a piece of twine, raffia or yarn to each hole and hang!

Note: You can also do this project with small paper plates and attach a wooden craft stick to the back of the plate. If you have a small plastic or clay pot, you can put a piece of Styrofoam or floral foam inside, cover it with Spanish moss or cloth to hide and insert the sunflower into it's pot.

I'm a Sunflower Craft

You'll need:
Yellow Construction Paper
Paper plates
Sunflower seeds
Green sidewalk chalk

Have each child trace their hand six times on yellowconstruction paper. Glue these around the paper platesas the petals of the sunflowers. Glue the sunflowersseeds in the middle of the petals in a circle pattern till it's covered. Have the kids stand up next to a outside wall of the garage or the house and measure their height.  Tape their sunflower to the wall and let them draw a stem with green sidewalk chalk. The sunflower will be the same height as they are! This is especially fun when you have two or more kids and they can compare!  The chalk will wash off later with soap and water.

About the Author
Brenda Hyde is a mom to three and lives with her husbandand children in the Midwestern United States. She is afreelance writer and editor of

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