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Create Your Own Edible Sugar Decorations

Create Your Own Edible Sugar Decorations

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From ThePartyWorks.com Using any candy makers mold you can create your own edible sugar decorations for cakes, cookies or cupcakes.


2 cups Granulated sugar

4 tsp Water

1/4 tsp Meringue powder

Food coloring (optional)

Mix by hand, kneading for about 1 minute until sugar is moistened and packs like wet sand. Keep mixture covered with a damp cloth. Add 1/4 tsp meringue powder for strength.

To tint, substitute part liquid food color for water in recipe. Tinted sugar makes the pretties molded decorations.

To make sugar molds, pack the sugar mixture into mold as firmly as possible. To make multicolored mold, start with features and press the desired tinted sugars into mold. When making more than 4 sugar decorations from the same mold, dust mold with cornstarch to prevent sticking. Scrape off excess sugar mixture with a spatula, so top is even with edge of mold. Unmold sugar at once by placing cardboard over mold. Turn mold and cardboard upside down and lift mold off releasing sugar shape. Let dry 5 hours or in 200 degree oven for 5-10 min.

If using a large sugar mold you can decorate with royal icing using your favorite decorator tips.

About the Author

Mary Ann & Kimberly, a mother and daughter team have created their sites http://www.thepartyworks.com, http://www.cakeworkscentral.com and their newest site http://harrypotter-birthday.com to provide a treasure trove of free kids birthday parties, baby showers and cake decorating ideas. They are here to help and will become your celebration destination!

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