Home Storage Solutions: Ways To Organize Your Home

Home Storage Solutions: Ways To Organize Your Home

By Michael J. Holland

Without a doubt, there are plenty of home storage solutions to help organize your home life. But what you may not realize is that from a home interior decorating perspective, getting rid of, or organizing, clutter can beautify your home.

For example, a room without clutter will appear larger and more inviting. In addition, some of the available storage solutions can be decorative furniture pieces.

Of course, the home storage solution you choose will depend on the type of items you want to store and the frequency with which you need to retrieve them.

Before I provide you with a list of potential home storage solutions, let's first have a heart-to-heart chat about the things you can't seem to part with.

• Do you really need to hold on to those old magazines that date back to the start of your subscription?

• Are you holding on to clothing from the '80's? the 70's, heaven forbid?

• Do you have furnishings that you've held on to for years…just because?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you my friend are a closet pack rat? Yes, its true!

But don't worry, I feel your pain. I too sometimes battle with the temptation to keep things that I "may" need in the future. But in the vast majority of cases, the items have simply wound up gathering dust and taking up space.

So here's your first task before you select home storage solutions for your items. Go from room to room, including the closets, garage, attic, and basement and pull out all those items that you are holding on toÂ…for no good reason.

My rule of thumb is that if you don't foresee wearing it or using it within the next 12 months, then seriously consider giving it to someone who would enjoy it more. Obviously this excludes important papers and key reference materials.

All is not lost, however. You can earn money from your discarded items by having a garage sale. Or, you can simply make a charitable donation to a non-profit organization such as a church or a shelter. Be sure to get a receipt so that you can deduct the value of the items on your next tax return.

Once you've eliminated the things you don't need, consider these home storage solutions for the items that you keep:

(1)Furniture Armoire - You can find armoires in many styles and storage configurations. They will add beauty and presence to any room. In general, I would recommend using an over-sized armoire for storage rather than two small pieces of furniture. From a home interior decorating perspective, your room will appear much bolder and interesting.

Chest of drawers - If you need to separate items by type, then a chest of drawers would be a good choice. As with an armoire, I recommend that you get one that is large with deep drawers. Storage chests/trunks - These are good for storing bulk items such as quilts and blankets. Of course, you can use them to store toys, books, or just about anything else. Many of the trunks can also double as coffee and end tables.

(2)Closet organizers I recommend that you visit your local hardware store and check out their offerings for closet organizers. If you have the heavy wire type configuration in your closet, like I do, you'll find additional wire baskets and shelving to expand your storage space.

(3)Shelves Pre-built shelves - The great thing about shelves is that you can take advantage of a wall's vertical space. Many are quite decorative and can be used to store or display personal items and collectibles. Bookcases - A custom built bookcase can be used to make a statement or be the focal point of a room. However, there are many quality assemble-it-yourself options. Bookcases can also be used to store sheets, towels, and other linens.

Curio cabinets - They are great for displaying collectibles and personal items. Many come with adjustable shelves, lighting, and decorative molding.

(4)Baskets, Bins, Other They come in many shapes and sizes. I recommend that you look for bins and containers that can slide under beds and tables. Also consider modular containers that can be stacked to take advantage of vertical spaces. Large baskets can be very decorative while storing toys or other small items.

About the Author:

Michael Holland is the author of "The Awaken Your Interior Designer! Collection." His web sites, home-decorating-made-easy.com, and kids-rooms-and-crafts.com offer lots of FREE home decorating tips and ideas.

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