Feeding Birds in Your Yard

Feeding Birds in Your Yard
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Feeding the birds in your backyard or frontyard is an easy, fun and educational family project. Try to place your feed and feeders near evergreens or hedges. This will give the birds a place to perch and they will feel more comfortable and secure in visiting you. Be sure to clean your feeders once a month in warm weather and every other month in the cold weather. Use one cup bleach to 9 cups water to rinse them out. This will help prevent the spread of disease.
Besides using the feeding suggestions below, birds also need a water source. A shallow birdbath can be used or a large container pot tray is also good. Be sure to change the water daily and rinse out the tray or bath. For winter use, when it freezes, you can buy electric heaters that are made for this purpose.

Remember as you plan out your birdfeeding station that birds are as different as people. They have different likes and dislikes. Some birds such as Mourning Doves and Juncos like cracked corn that is on at ground level. They are called ground-feeders. Goldfinches and Purple finches like tube feeders that hang higher up. Then again there are those friendly, easy going birds that will feed anywhere and on any type of seed, such as Sparrows and Blue Jays. If you keep a birdwatching diary you will be able to record the different birds and their habits so you can adjust your feeding station to the birds in your area.

Easy Feeding Stations

1. Put aside as bowl or paper sack, and each day put your scraps of bread, popcorn, cereal, plain donuts or cake in the container; uncovered. Every few days spread them out in your yard on a dry day. Make sure you put them where you can watch the birds.

2. If they have an old tray or very flat pan, you can buy some inexpensive bird seed from the bulk food department at the grocery store. Each morning sprinkle a couple handfuls in the tray or pan. This way, you will be setting up a schedule for the birds to feed in your yard.

3. You can use this same seed for Seed Pinecones. Tie a piece of string or yarn to the top of a pine cone. Spread peanut butter all over the pine cone, then roll it in some of the seed you have placed on a plate or bowl. Hang it from a fence or tree branch for the birds.

Be Patient

The first time you try these projects it may take the birds a day or two to find your special bird meals. Don't worry, they will find it! Birdwatching and feeding doesn't have to be expensive or complicated. Buy an inexpensive school notebook and each family member can record the birds they see in your yard next to the date and time. Be sure to note what they were eating when you saw them, so you will be able to observe what works best in your yard. Be sure to visit your library for books that have detailed pictures and descriptions of the birds in your part of the world. This will help you to identify them. Once you start this special family project you will want to continue it for years to come!

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