Spring Activities and Crafts

Spring Activities and Crafts

by Catie Hayes of WomanLinks.com

Spring Blossoms


colored tissue paper

pipe cleaners


Stack at least four sheets of tissue paper. Cut a square of tissue paper through all the layers. Fan fold the tissue paper, and wrap a pipe cleaner around the center (this is the stem). Gently peel a single layer of tissue paper up. Continue peeling the layers of paper away from the fan-folded cluster until you have a poppy-shaped flower.



construction paper


cupcake liners


Trace a five-pointed star outline on construction paper. Have your youngster cut this out. Glue one cupcake liner to the center of the construction paper (this forms the daffodil petals). Cut a straight, thin length of green construction paper for the stem and glue onto back of the petals.

Tracking Rocks and Minerals

During your next walk or trip to the playground, bring a plastic bag to collect rock samples. Spread them out at home and compare with photos in a rock/mineral guide to identify what you collected. A few good guides to use are Simon and Schuster's Guide to Rocks and Minerals or DK Handbooks: Rocks & Minerals.

Write out the identifying information for each item on an index card. Depending upon the size of each specimen, the rocks can be glued to the index card (white glue), and the cards can then be mounted on a sheet of posterboard to create a permanent display for the rock/mineral collection.

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