Spring Cleaning With Herbs and Essential Oils

Spring Cleaning With Herbs and Essential Oils
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Spring Cleaning with Herbs and Essential OilsCleaning out drawers and closets...rearranging them to match the new season, and storing winter clothes is a spring ritual at most homes.

First, I empty the drawers, vacuum out any debris, wipe them with a damp cloth, then spritz them with the following drawer spray. 

Drawer Spray:

two ounces Isopropyl alcohol

one half teaspoon sandalwood e.o.(essential oil)

one teaspoon tangerine e.o.

one half teaspoon Peru balsam e.o.

One eighth spruce e.o.

one eighth lavender e.o.(or more if you prefer)

two ounces distilled water.

Pour the Isopropyl alcohol into a glass spray bottle and add the oils. Add the water and shake to mix.

Before using, first test the spray on a small section of a drawer before using as alcohol can dissolve a shellac finish. If the finish is unharmed, spray the empty drawer and allow it to dry before replacing the clothes.

Drawers and Closets

Use the following blend in drawers and closets, particularly where woolens and furs are stored.

Make sure the herbs are dried completely...then chop or crush them before blending;

4 cups lavender flowers

2 cups peppermint leaves

2 cups rosemary leaves

1 cup patchouli leaf

1/2 cup whole cloves

1/4 cup thyme leaves

Make some sachets and fill with the herb blend. Hang in closets and tuck in drawers.

Spice Sachet Blend:

6 cups oakmoss

one cup each black peppercorns, allspice berries and cinnamon chips

one fourth cup aniseed

two tablespoons cloves

(sandalwood and ginger would also be nice additions to this recipe)

Combine all ingredients and mix well. Fill sachets and hang in closets and tuck in drawers. I use spice sachets in my kitchen towel drawer.

More Oil Uses

Place a drop of your favorite essential oil on a scrap of fabric or handkerchief. Toss it into the dryer with your clothes or sheets.

Use a drop or two of orange oil on a paper coffee filter to remove glue or masking tape residue from windows.

Scent the filter bag of your vacuum cleaner with a drop or two of a fresh-smelling essential oil.

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