Family Favorites: More Soups!

Family Favorites: More Soups!

I think every family has soups that they make year after year that become family favorites. Some are simple, some are more elaborate. Below is a soup my Mom made all the time and one day when I was about 30 I started making the same soup. We laugh about it because it really has no name, and most people wrinkle their nose up at the simple ingredients:

Brenda and Eileen's Hamburger Soup



Potatoes (one for a small batch)

salt, pepper

wide noodles

optional: cabbage

Basically you brown the hamburger, for a small batch I use 1/2 pound or so, then add potatoes cubed small, and cut up cabbage. Add water until it's covered plus extra because some boils away. Cook until the potatoes are about tender then add a handful of noodles and cook 10 more minutes. Season with lots of pepper, and salt to taste. Eat with saltine crackers!

Pam's Clam Chowder

From Pamela Gaines

My family's favorite soup actually was Clam Chowder, fixed the way my mother taught me how to fix when i was a young teen-ager. It has remained a favorite even today, though all my children are grown and gone. They will still come over and ask me to fix it, or if living out of state, will call asking for the receipe.

It's really quite simple;

What we do is cut bacon into bite size pieces, add onion and cook until brown. Add seasoning such as garlic powder (or use fresh garlic) either way works, seasoning salt, salt and pepper.

Cut and dice approximately 4 - 6 medium sized potatoes, add enough water to cover potatoes, and cook.

First you need to let the water come to a boil, then lower temperature to medium or low heat.About 20 minutes before potatoes are done, add clams (either canned or from a 6 oz can drained), also about a cup of milk, (enough to make white appearance of soup) and about 2 tbsps of butter or margarine. Cook until heated clear through and potatoes are done. Serve with crackers or whatever you want. This is also a good food for infants over 6 months. Recently I made this soup and had my son, his wife, and their two girls over. The youngest one was about 10 months old, and she ate almost 2 full bowls (her size) of it, and enjoyed it very much.

Nanci's Country Bean

From Nanci Natale

I make a Country Bean Soup that is delicious - made with chicken broth, cannellini beans (although I have substituted other white beans), carrots, celery, onions (although I deny this as my youngest and oldest "hate" onions), bay leaf, garlic, and parsley and a form of small pasta like little shells or little bows. It's a great, nourishing dinner - quick, filling and with muffins or crusty bread - a winter revival tactic as well.

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