Recycled Crafts: Slippery Snakes

Recycled Crafts: Slippery Snakes

By Brenda Hyde

Spring is a great time to talk to your kids about snakes, both as a learning opportunity and a warning. Depending on where you live, look up information on the types of snakes in your area in the library. Be sure to find pictures of the poisonous ones, if you have any nearby. First look over the books and talk about the importance of walking away from the snakes and not bothering them. Instruct your kids to find an adult immediately if someone is bit. After this "serious" talk you can then get out the supplies to make their own "slippery snake". The fun activity will help them to remember what you taught them.
You will need:

6 toilet paper rolls per snake


wiggly eyes or markers


water color, washable paint in the colors of the snake

red paper or felt for the tongue.

Paint each roll the main color of the snake you looked at in the pictures, then have the child paint the same designs as the snake has on his rolls. Thread the rolls onto a piece of yarn, then tape the yarn to the front roll and back roll.

On the first roll either glue wiggly eyes or draw on with a marker. Cut your red paper into a little "forked" tongue and glue on the bottom edge of the roll.

This fun lesson will teach your children about snakes, but in a positive way that they will remember throughout the year.

About the Author:

Brenda Hyde is Mom to three little ones, a freelance writer and editor here at OldFashionedLiving.


DK Readers: Slinky, Scaly Snakes: This is a Level 2: Beginning to Read Alone book that tells about snakes and their habits. A great starter book.

Can Snakes Crawl Backward?: Questions and Answers about Reptiles. Over 75 questions, with the more difficult words sounded out. Fun, but full of facts!

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