By Brenda Hyde

The first recorded recipe for S'mores was in the Girl Scout Handbook of 1927. Way to go Girl Scouts! The basic recipe is just that-very basic.

You'll need:

toasted marshmallows

graham crackers

plain chocolate bars

I make a half of a graham cracker at a time. It's easier for the kids to handle. Toast one marshmallow as golden brown as you can get it without scorching. The trick is to get it smooshy (official camping term) without burning it. If you don't cook it enough, then it won't melt the chocolate. Have your graham cracker broke in half and on the paper plate or napkin ready to go. On one half place as many squares of chocolate as you prefer in one layer. When the marshmallow is ready place it on the chocolate and top it with the other half of the graham cracker. Smush (another technical term) it down, but not too firmly. Enjoy!

NOTES: Graham crackers have to be really fresh, and crispy. Keep them in plastic containers or bags and take out just what you need. The chocolate is best at room temperature. If you are keeping it in the refrigerator or a cooler, take it out so it can warm up. Have a few damp wash clothes ready to use, or some wipees, for clean-up. Otherwise little hands will be rushing towards YOUR pants and shirt to wipe off the gooey stuff.


-Place mini marshmallow and chocolate chips on the graham crackers and wrap it in foil. Set near the coals (they should be burnt down to where they aren't flaming any longer) for a few minutes-turn once with tongs after a minute or so.

-Add some peanut butter to the graham cracker OR use a peanut butter cup instead of the chocolate.

-Use the marshmallows that are coated with toasted coconut for a yummy treat.

-Though it won't officially be a S'more you can use cookies instead of graham crackers. Big chocolate chip cookies are really good, but any type of flat cookie that is fairly good sized will work!

-Using other chocolate adds variety too-A caramel filled chocolate bar is yummy! Just remember to have them at room temperature so they melt easily.

-Try using a shortbread fudge striped cookie or something like this with chocolate already on the cookie, then just toast the marshmallows and smush between two cookies. OR try this: put the marshmallow between two Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies! Freeze a few boxes at cookie time and take them camping for a yummy treat:)

-One last variation. Buy the large chocolate covered graham crackers and eliminate the chocolate bars. Okay, a few of you will STILL put chocolate in middle and that's okay too.

There are SO many desserts based on S'mores that the recipes are seemingly endless, but there is something about the classic recipe that is fun, simple and comforting that will never be replaced.

About the Author:

Brenda Hyde is Mom to three little ones, a freelance writer and editor here at OldFashionedLiving.


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