Summer Skin Care

Summer Skin Care
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Summer Skin CareI was never a person to skin was too fair and I burned....I'll admit I always found laying in the sun boring and as a teenager would rather read a book sitting in the cool shade. Now, it seems that is exactly what we should be doing! There is no such thing as a safe tan from the sun or a tanning booth. Studies have been done over and over and they all reach this same conclusion.

There are four types of skin cancer: basil, squamous, melanoma and actinic keratosis. All are serious, though they can be treated with removal. Just in my family alone we've had two of these occur. It's nothing to fool around with. Be aware of your moles, birthmarks and check your skin on a regular basis. If anything looks irregular or odd it's better to go in and have it checked then ignore it. If you need something removed it's a simple procedure.

There are things you can do to protect your skin. Every day use a moisturizer that contains sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15, even when it's overcast (UV rays pass right through the clouds). Use a sunscreen of SPF 30 when you are working outside, at the beach or attending summer activities. The FDA has said that it will no longer allow manufacturers to market products with an SPF higher than 30, since there's no evidence they work any better. Try to plan your activities in the sun for morning or late afternoon, before and after the sun's rays are the strongest.

Like most things, we need to make it habit to use sunscreen, hats and sunglasses. Think of it as a part of your daily routine. With our children, and grandchildren, we need to include this along with the use of proper car seats and bike helmets. We didn't have those options when we were kids, but they DO protect and they are necessary. Ask anyone that works in a hospital and has seen the injuries. Make it part of your family's routine and show your kids by example. They will follow your lead!

Start a sun care kit to keep in the car.

Include for you and the kids:



lip balm with sunscreen


Keep it in the car just in case you start out the day with errands or a museum visit, but end up at the park or beach, then you will be prepared!

You want to avoid sunburn at all costs. It's not only painful but your skin is damaged---it's not a healthy thing even if it turns to a tan in a few days. That is a reaction to the burning. You can soak in a tub filled with lukewarm to cool water and 4 cups or so of apple cider vinegar for 15-25 minutes. You can also make a bath and add baking soda, or oatmeal that you grind up fine in the blender. Or place both in cheesecloth, tie and add to the bath.

This will draw out some of the heat and soothe the skin. Afterwards use very mild lotions with no perfume. An aloe lotion is a good option because it will help heal and soothe. You don't want to use anything with a petroleum jelly base, an ointment or a skin butter. You want to be as gentle as possible with the burned skin until you heal. Also, drink plenty of water to keep hydrated. If the burn is severe, if you feel queasy or sick at all call your doctor.

There are many, many remedies out there, but be careful when trying new things, especially if you have sensitive skin or allergies. The best thing to do is protect yourself against the sun, and check your skin on a regular basis. Even if you've tanned and burned your entire life it's not too late to start protecting it now. Make it part of your family's routine!




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