Sewing Day

Sewing Day

By Inez Haythorn

An elderly lady once told me about a tradition that she and her daughters shared in the 1960's. It was their annual "sewing day".
The woman had four grown daughters, and quite a few grandchildren. None of them were prosperous, and they were accustomed to living frugally. It was sometimes difficult to provide their children with a variety of new clothes with which to start the school year. So they decided to combine talents and resources, and simply make new clothes for the little ones.

Excitement was in the air as the woman, her daughters, and their children met at the homeplace on the appointed morning. Everyone came prepared with fabric, sewing notions, patterns, and any other supplies they might need. The ladies set up an assembly line. One person would cut the fabric from the patterns, one would pin the pieces in place, someone else would do the machine sewing, and yet another would perform the finishing touches and hand sewing. Finally, the new garment would be ironed and hung up, ready for the lucky recipient to wear it to school.

This went on all day, because there were quite a few grandchildren who needed clothes. The house was filled with the sound of laughing, talking, and sharing as mother and daughters swapped stories and relayed the latest gossip. Children wiggled as moms tried to measure the patterns up against them. Scattered around the house were dolls, games, and toy cars as cousins spent the day playing together.

The woman was a wonderful cook and baker. So the delicious aroma of dinner in the oven, and homemade cakes and cookies filled the cozy house.

By the end of the day, each of her daughters left with a stack of new school clothes for their children. Yet they took home far more than garments. They departed with memories of fellowship, fun, closeness, and the security of being a member of a family that took care of its own.

Copyright 2004 Inez Haythorn All Rights Reserved

About the Author

Inez Haythorn is a Christian wife, mother, and elementary school teacher.


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