Keeping Our Children Safe

Keeping Our Children Safe


By Brenda Hyde

I wanted to touch base today about keeping our kids safe. I've been seeing all kinds of gadgets and methods to keep track of kids since there has been so much going on in the news with missing children, but NOTHING can compare to talking with our kids and laying down family rules.

Things we may have done in the past simply aren't acceptable any longer. I feel no child should be allowed in a front yard, on the sidewalk, wandering the neighborhood or apartment complex by themselves. This has become far too dangerous. The buddy system should be in effect NO MATTER where they are. Better yet, keep them where you can see them at all times. Yes, this may seem overprotective to some, but if I can see my kids, then I know where they are and what they are doing.

We don't want to frighten our children, but instead slip in some fun activities that revolved around learning to be safe. By keeping it fun you will make an impression without making them afraid of everyone and everything around them.

-Let them dress up in big people clothes and make up situations where they are either friends or strangers stopping to talk.

-Give them boxes they can decorate as cars and act out scenes where they run away and don't talk to strangers, but if it's Grandma they can run up and hug her when she gets out of "the car".

-The trick is to do this as an ongoing learning process, not just once or twice. Draw pictures, talk about about what they feel is "safe" or "good". Listen to them, and answer their questions.

We have to adopt a different mind set nowadays, and think daily about the decisions we make when it comes to our kids and grandkids. Love them, hug them, teach them the best you can and watch over them! Don't assume that your neighborhood is safe and take precautions. It only takes a few extra minutes.

About the Author

Brenda Hyde is a wife, mom to three children,freelance writer, gardener and editor/owner of Old Fashioned


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