How do you relax?

How do you relax?


It's just the little homely things,

the unobtrusive, friendly things,

The "won't-you-let-me-help-you"

things that make our pathway light.


How do you relax?

When we ran our contest this summer just for moms, we received wonderful ideas for relaxing after the kids were in bed. I know for me this is something I really need to work on. I find that by time my little ones are in bed I am a bundle of nerves; especially on school nights. I think it's important that we take time for ourselves whenever possible! Thank you for sharing your ideas and tips. We had SO many great responses that we are sharing them in sections.


Reading was a favorite pastime in the evenings. Here's what moms shared with us:

", read, read! I have baskets overflowing with books and magazines on the floor beside the bed...always ready and waiting!"

"I make a cup of coffe, find a huge historical romance to read, lay back and forget everything else! ~Rebecca

"Sometimes to relax I read my favorite newsgroup, rec.crafts.textiles.needlework. It never fails to inspire me to think about stitching or even make time to do some needlework, which I love."

Barbara Laufersweiler of Effective Web design

"This is my special quiet time. If I'm awake enough, I spend about 15 to 20 minutes reading the Bible, especially Psalms. If I'm just about to doze off, I snuggle under my flannel quilt, turn the light down low, and read a few pages of a mystery until I fall asleep."

~Kathy Bennett of Badger Hill Farm

"Now that my children are teen-agers, most nights I BEAT them to bed! However, I really never sleep until all have found their way back to the nest. My favorite thing to do though while I am waiting for them to return and begin my night of sleep is to read. I have always loved to read. Even as a child I remember great anticipation on getting my hands on the next Nancy Drew book. And when the children were little and growing up, I loved to sneak in a few chapters of reading while they napped as they grew, taking a book in the car with me, so I could read wherever we were." ~Cindi

"I go into the bathroom, pull my hair back and wash my face. Then its to the closet for my favorite oversized sleeping shirt. Beside my bed is a lamp which I turn on for reading. After I am dressed in my shirt I cuddle into the bed with the good book or a magazine to read." ~Cathy

"When my daughter goes to sleep, I turn everything off and kick back with some soft light and a good book." ~Jennifer

"When the kids are finally in bed, I like to read some devotional material. I then like to go into the bathroom, light all the candles in there (we have about 10-15), turn on some soothing praise and worship music, and soak in a hot bath. Usually I add some fragrance oil, or bubble bath to it as well. This is me time!!"


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