Rebecca's Legacy: Embracing Ancestors As Your Mentors

Rebecca's Legacy: Embracing Ancestors As Your Mentors

Written by Claudia Rose, Ph.D

Reviewed by Catie Gosselin of

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This is not your typical self-help book. There are no quick fixes, no fast answers and no single path to ultimate enlightenment. Dr. Rose, through her own journey of spirituality, presents a unique perspective for women to find meaning in our lives.

The book opens on the Cook Islands where we first Rebecca and are introduced to the concept of 'ancestors'. According to Dr. Rose, ancestors do not have to be blood relatives. Rather, ancestors are guiding spirits available to us all. They are gentle advisors whose offer a connection to our own spirituality and the Divine in all of us. Dr. Rose explains they are "anything or anyone sent by God to show you how to lead a more meaningful life".

Along with becoming aware of one's ancestors, "Rebecca's Legacy" discusses the journey of spirituality based one four principles; 'Give birth to your true self', 'Dream as big as you are', 'Face every challenge with gratitude' and 'Show the way for those to follow'. Each principle is presented in a combination of Dr. Rose's personal experiences, skill building exercises and parables from many cultures.

The overall goal is for women to find and honor their true selves. Rather than skating through life, Dr. Rose challenges women to live a life of meaning. This entails allowing spirituality, rather than Ego, to be the guiding force. Surrender of Will is necessary as "Nothing of value can be controlled. Not birth, or love, or death. These forces humble you. They are teachers...showing you what is worth keeping and what is not."

Because of the amount of material presented, as well as the exercises, this is not a book to read once and put down. To fully appreciate the subtleties, "Rebecca's Legacy" should be used a resource. A new gem will be found with each reading.

About the Author

Catie Gosselin is the owner of, a supportive and empowering online community for women. Her most challenging role, however, is that of "Mama"! Catie, her husband and two sons live in Massachusetts.

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