Old Fashioned Family Games

Old Fashioned Family Games

By Brenda Hyde

I have three old fashioned games for you tonight that you can play as a family-no electric needed. You'll be surprised how much fun everyone will have!

Blindman's Buff:

Several kids around the room trying to keep away from the player who is blindfolded. The blindfolded player tries to catch and identify one of the other. This can be played as Silent Blindman's Buff, where the kids stay quiet and stand still in one place while the blindfolded child tries to find and identify one of them.

Red Rover:

Players are divided into two teams and line up to face each other, about 25 feet or so apart. Each side takes turns calling "Red Rover, Red Rover, let (name) come over." The player called, runs from his line and tries to break through the line of players, who join hands. If he breaks through, he can take one player back with him to his team. If he does not break through, he must join the other team. The team to add the other players on its side first, or whichever one has the most players at the end (if a time limit is set), wins.

Red Light, Green Light:

Two lines are drawn or taped at opposite ends of the playing area. One line is the goal line; the other is the starting line. One player is "It" and stands on the goal line. He shuts his eyes and counts to 10 a number of times. At the end of the count to 10, he calls out "Green light" or any other color light. While he is counting, the players advance toward the goal line. When he calls "Red light," he opens his eyes and all of the players must stop moving. Any player whom he catches in motion must return to the starting line. Players can continue moving if any color other than "Red light" is called. The fun and suspense occurs as the players wonder what color will be called. The first player to reach the goal wins. The last one is "It" for the next game.

About the Author

Brenda Hyde is a Mom of three, a freelance writer and editor of Old Fashioned Living. For more family ideas and recipes subscribe to one of our free newsletters; descriptions here.


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