Nature Fun

Nature Fun

By Jean Garrett

I was a preschool teacher for several years and the kids always enjoyed themselves so much when we went on nature walks. They would each have a paper lunch bag to put things in that they found on the ground. The children were delighted by each acorn, each colorful leaf, pine cones and needles,etc, sometimes even a feather was found on the ground! We would all go back to the classroom happy with our bag of treasures. Sometimes the children wanted to make something in the art area using their bag of goodies and sometimes they wanted to take everything home in the bag to show their families what they had found on our walk. One of their favorite crafts is what I like to call "Nature Trailers."

Nature Trailers:

To make nature trailers, simply lay a long piece of clear packing tape sticky side up on a table and tape it down at each end. The children love "sticking" their nature finds on the tape. It's also good to have other little things on the table for them to add to the tape if they want to such as small pieces of colorful paper, popcorn kernals, beans and peas, yarn to snip pieces from, etc. When the children are finished, they can put another piece of the clear tape on top of the "nature trailer." A string can be attached for hanging; streamers of ribbon, yarn, etc. can be taped to the bottom; they can be rolled up and wrapped as a very special gift; a head band can be made from them; etc, etc--whatever the children want to do--it's their creation. These creations look so pretty hanging in a window with the sun shining through them.

Nature Shapes:

Another way to do this is to use clear sticky-back paper that comes on a roll to stick things onto, then cover with another piece of the paper. The children can make other shapes and designs with this paper--just staple two pieces together so you have a bottom and a top. The children can trace or draw a shape on the paper backing then cut it out, peel the paper off, and start sticking! I have found thart children love to peel the paper backing off the sticky paper and they love to do most anything with tape. Put assorted tape with their art materials and they will have such fun with it. I hope you and your child each makes one of these--they are so much fun!

About the Author

Jean Garrett is a former preschool teacher, and a frequent visitor to The Treehouse. When she shared her nature activities with us we asked if we could share them with you!


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