Kathy Smith's Moving Through Menopause

Kathy Smith's Moving Through Menopause

Book Review By Catie Hayes

Kathy Smith's Moving Through Menopause:

The Complete Program for Exercise, Nutrition, and Total Wellness

by Kathy Smith, Robert Miller (Contributor)

Published by Warner Books

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Every woman will go through it, but very little is known about the experience of menopause. The common belief is that it marks a downturn in women's health and vitality. Fitness expert, Kathy Smith, has authored a guide that not only explains menopause/perimenopause, but offers concrete lifestyle tips for making it a time of renewal and growth.

As an example of how pervasive menopausal misconceptions remain, many of us associate menopause with hot flashes, mood swings, and menstrual irregularities. These symptoms, however, are in fact indicative of perimenopause; the period preceding menopause where hormone fluctuations can cause havoc. Perimenopause may last several years. Actual menopause may be declared with some degree of confidence when a woman goes a full year with out experiencing a menstrual cycle.

Preparing for and actually entering menopause effects women on many levels. From a physical standpoint, lowered estrogen levels bring with them a greater risk for heart disease, osteoporosis and incontinence. A woman's cognitive abilities may be effected as well. "Moving Through Menopause" addresses relief from perimenopausal symptoms as well as safeguards from menopausal health risks.

One of the most widely known tools in coping with estrogen fluctuations is HRT. Ms Smith discusses the pros and cons of this therapy as well as herbal, nutritional, and lifestyle alternatives. Most striking in this book, beyond the wealth of information, is self-assessment sheets to aid in pinpointing and acting upon target areas. These simplify the process of applying healthful changes into practice.

"Moving Through Menopause" is much more than a reference work. It is a menopause survival guide. It is written in clear, understandable language, and packed with practical, manageable tools to make the transition to menopause an empowering time.

About the Author:

Catie Hayes is founder/editor of WomanLinks.com. She is a freelance writer, a single homeschooling mom of two, and an avid fan of laughter, cats and chocolate (not necessarily in that order).

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