Is It Really Worth Saving McDonald's Giveaways

Is It Really Worth Saving McDonald's Giveaways


 by Colleen Moulding

We've all seen stories in the press of seemingly ordinary toys orchildren's ornaments fetching astronomic prices and wondered if we too,should be stashing away these precious pieces of plastic instead of lettingthem slide down the back of the sofa. Well the answer is, yes, we probablyshould.

To be of interest to a collector though, the item needs to be in mintcondition, in the original packaging, including any unused meal boxes orany other promotional material that you can lay your hands on. And collectthe whole set.

Exceptional prices are for rare items of course, but it is surprising howquickly these limited term promotional items become collectable. Alreadybeing collected are character bubble bath figures, Disney memorabilia,anything to do with the Coca-Cola Company and original linked to tv showtoys such as Thunderbirds and Star Wars - do not confuse with ninetiesversions - although these too, in their time will become collectable.

Browse the dealers stalls at a few toy fairs and you'll soon learn to spotthe collecting trends. Talk to the stall holders, they are usually afriendly bunch with a love of their wares and happy to give advice to newcollectors.

Most of all don't forget the golden rule of collecting - to collectsomething because you love it anyway - then it's value is just a lovelybonus! Happy hunting!

About the Author
Colleen Moulding is a freelance writer living in the south of England.  She is also the owner/editor of All That Women a magazine, web guide and resource for women everywhere.  Come on over to All That Women to the FREE monthly e-zine by sending a blank e-mail
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