Mommy Magic: 450 Ways to Nurture Your Child

Mommy Magic: 450 Ways to Nurture Your Child

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Written by Adria Manary

Reviewed by Catie Gosselin of

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After the birth of my first child, I remember receiving a Mother/Babycare Gift basket. Accompanying a graphic of a Mother encircling her infant, the company slogan on the contents read "you and I form a multitude". Those few words and image spoke powerfully of the profound link between mother and child.

Similarly, "Mommy Magic" celebrates the magic bond between a mother and her children. Whether it is the ability to magically kiss scraped knees "all-better" or to sense impending danger, in the eyes of a child, Mothers are a source of wonder. Through poetry, quotations, real-life stories, and activities, Ms. Manary has created an inspiring guide to Positive Mothering. It is the kind of "Owner's Manual" that I wish had accompanied my children's birth!

"Mommy Magic" is not just a feel-good tribute to Mothering, however. Life can be messy, and Ms. Manary had the forethought to address Mothering's tough times as well. In a particularly touching chapter, Ms.. Manary explores techniques for supporting children during times of crisis, such as natural disasters or death of a loved-one.

What made this book such a gem to read was its basis in reality. Many parenting books use scientific studies as their core. "Mommy Magic", on the other hand, is based upon real-life experiences of mothers. Who better to celebrate the joys and trials of Motherhood than one who has lived it, rather than studied it?

"Mommy Magic" is well written, full of useful suggestions, touching stories, and inspiring quotes. Whether you are a seasoned pro, a new mother or mother-to-be, "Mommy Magic" will be a welcome, and much used, addition to your parenting library.

About the Author

Catie Gosselin is the owner of, a supportive and empowering online community for women. Her most challenging role, however, is that of "Mama"! Catie, her husband and two sons live in Massachusetts.

Article copyright 2000 by Catie Gosselin 

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