Love, Santa: A Book Review

Love, Santa: A Book Review

By Brenda Hyde

Love, Santa:

A Different Kind of Christmas Story

By Sharon Glassman, Published by Warner Books

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I've always loved Christmas for as long as I can remember. The funny gifts, the touching gifts, the homemade stockings filled with a coloring book, crayons, and a giant candy cane. I remember the year my dad told us Christmas had gotten too commercial and we were going to make homemade decorations for the tree that year, along with many other memories. I also think I had been taking Christmas for granted until I read Love, Santa by Sharon Glassman.

With wit and style she took me on a journey as she searched for the elusive Christmas she knew just had to be out there. I recognized myself in some of the observations, and I found myself wishing I could have met her on her search to tell her about my holiday experiences and my family. But in the end I had changed my mind. She needed to make this journey, so she could end up a champion for those who need one during the holidays. Whether you are Christian, or Jewish, or non-religious you will understand after reading Glassman's book that Christmas is about giving, and about making someone feel so special with one act of kindness that it changes their life and yours.

Glassman comes off as cynical and sarcastic and yet as you read the book you will find yourself laughing at her witty observations. You will also get to know her, and will find yourself in tears as she comes to her final realizations. Love, Santa is not a sentimental book, nor is it inspirational in the traditional sense, but it is life changing for all who read it and act upon Glassman's discoveries.

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