Growing Oriental Lilies

Growing Oriental Lilies
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Growing Oriental LiliesMy first oriental lilies were left over from the person who owned our house previously. I enjoyed them, but knew nothing about how to nurture or grow them. They were in mostly shade and often grew tall and skinny.

Since then, I've learned more and added a few more colors. They are beautiful towering plants who's blooms I watch as they grow..until they burst open with dazzling color!

Oriental Lilies prefer full sun and a well-drained but fertile soil. They can be planted in light shade as long as they still received plenty of sun at least part of the day. If you live where it's very hot, it's better to give them morning sun, but shade in the afternoon.

Keep them watered and mulched-they like cool roots. They can be planted in early spring or fall. You'll also find plants on sale in the garden centers, but they are more costly than the bulbs, which are easy to grow.

Plant the bulbs about 3 times the height of the bulb itself. They bloom from July to September, which is really nice, since many of the early flowers are finished blooming. They are best planted at the back of the border with the shorter, fuller plants in front of them to shade the roots.

Enrich the soil with good compost before planting, but don't fertilize. You can add bone meal if dogs in your garden are not a problem. The following year you can give them a light fertilizing in the spring.

Stargazer is a popular and beautiful variety that blooms in July and August for Zones 3 through 8. It has been a favorite in the garden for a very long time. You'll also find dwarfs and tall lilies that will grow to 7 foot.

Growing Oriental LiliesThere is a lily variety for everyone! You can also plant your Oriental lilies in pots for a wonderful patio or deck display. Mulch the pot, and with larger containers, you can also plant low growing annuals around the base of the lilies.

Your Oriental lilies will come back year after year, with such a small amount of maintenance, that it would be a shame not include just a few (or many!) in your garden.

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