Looking After Leather

Looking After Leather

By Jane Lake

With a little care, you can keep leather clothing looking its best for years, according to an expert on leather from The Olde Hide House in Acton, Ontario.

- Leather naturally repels water but, for additonal protection, look for an environmentally friendly repellent product to help prevent absorption of water and body oils. It's best to avoid silicone-based repellents which retard leather's ability to "breathe."

- Let wet leather garments dry in well-ventilated areas, away from heat. The leather may stiffen slightly but should soften again after wearing.

- Hang leather coats and jackets on thick or padded hangers to keep the shoulders in shape. Don't load pockets with heavy or bulky items, which could tear seams.

- Plastic bags tend to dry out or discolor leather. Use a cotton garment bag for off-season storage, or hang coats as usual, draping a tea-towel over the shoulders to deter dust.

- Avoid pressure-sensitive labels (the stick-on type)as the gummy residue left behind by these labels can stain or ruin the finish on leather.

- Professional cleaning is best for stain removal. Some commercial stain removers can be absorbed and leave a mar. Home remedies include gently rubbing at minor stains with a pencil eraser or rubbing alcohol (these methods work only on finished leather;; test on the inside facing first, to be sure the leather will not be marred).

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Jane Lake is a professional feature writer whose articles have appeared in Canadian Living, Exchange Business Magazine, Highlights, Modern Woman, and You. She is the editor and publisher of the popular free craft site, www.allfreecrafts.com, and www.allfreeprintables.com which offers printable recipe cards, shopping lists and more.

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