Lap Time for Little Ones: Fabulous Rhyming Picture Books

Lap Time for Little Ones: Fabulous Rhyming Picture Books

Terry Miller Shannon

Kids (including my own grandchildren) adore rhyming picture books! Here are just a few of our current favorites:

Bear Snores On

By Karma Wilson, illustrated by Jane Chapman

A great bear snoozes in his cave, through the cold dark winter. Along come a mouse, a hare, and other animals. They light a fire, fix some snacks, and have a party. And the bear keeps right on sleeping, until . . . But I won't ruin the ending. My grandkids request this joyous tribute to the power of friendship again and again.

When Moon Fell Down

By Linda Smith, illustrated by Kathryn Brown

One night, moon fell down. His new perspective dazzled him: horses had knees--who knew?! He and cow became buddies, and headed off to town to explore. Linda Smith's magical tale is sure to become a classic.

The Seven Silly Eaters

By Mary Ann Hoberman, illustrated by Marla Frazee

Have you had any experience with picky eaters? Mrs. Peters goes all out to feed hers--all seven of them. She squeezes lemonade, bakes homemade bread, etc, etc. And what does she get in return? Quite the incredible present, as you'll see. Marla Frazee's whimsical illustrations are the perfect counterpart to a tale that's both funny and heartwarming.

Down to the Sea with Mr. Magee

By Chris Van Dusen

Mr. Magee and his pooch, Dee, decide to spend the day in their boat. Their cruise is leisurely until (oh, dear!) they are accidentally flipped into a tree by a whale. They can't get down! Finally, they are rescued by the most unlikely of heroes. Chris Van Dusen's rhyming adventure story and his bright retro illustrations combine to make a perfect read-aloud.

About the Author

Terry Miller Shannon and her son, Tim Warner, wrote a funny, rhyming picture book. Tim's three-year-old bath-loving son inspired TUB TOYS (Tricycle Press, 2002), which MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW says is "..greatly recommended..whimsical and fun." Check it out HERE!


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