Make a Pleated Lampshade with Wallpaper

Make a Pleated Lampshade with Wallpaper

By J. Black

Making a pleated wallpaper lampshade using the leftover wallpaper from a decorating project can add an extra touch of designer elegance to your finished room.

You will Need:

- Plastic transparent ruler

- Pencil

- Scissors

- Measuring tape (cloth dressmakers tape)

- A base for your shade - white paper or plastic lampshade or a wire lampshade frame (available from craft shops)

- Approximately 30" of cord or ribbon to compliment the wallpaper color.

- Craft glue

- A hole punch


1. Measure your lampshade from top to bottom for the width and add 1/4 inch to this measurement.

2. Measure the circumference around the bottom of the shade and multiply this by 2 1/2 times for the length of the strip of wallpaper you will need.

3. Cut wallpaper to your measurements.

4. Next on a flat surface place wallpaper with the pattern side down. Using a transparent ruler, draw two pencil lines that run parallel to the length of the paper 1 inch from the top and bottom. Continue to mark pleat lines 1 1/2 inches apart running parallel to the width of the paper.

Note: Pleat size can be adjusted for Large lamps for a better look when finished.

5. Fold the wallpaper on each pleat line so that the fold is facing you then crease the line sharply using a ruler. Create an accordion fold measuring 3/4 inches by aligning each adjacent pleat line and continue creasing your folds.

6. Overlap the end folds of the shade and glue and trim excess wallpaper.

7. Punch holes in each wallpaper pleat about 3/4 inch from the top of the shade. For very large shades punch the holes lower on the shade.

8. Lace the cord or ribbon through the punched holes around the top of the shade and place the wallpaper shade over the wire frame or white paper or plastic lampshade.

9. All finished and ready to use!

This method can also be used to make pleated lampshades using left over fabric scraps from your home decorating projects.

Copyright © J Black

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