Scrapbooking Reunion Food and Fun

Scrapbooking Reunion Food and Fun
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Family reunion traditions vary across the country and throughout the ages. They seem to be making a comeback from the days I was a child when we gathered on Memorial Day at my grandmother's farm and the Fourth of July at her cousins' home.

I look at pictures of those days and reminisce about the people who played a role in my childhood. Those family gatherings weren't large by some reunion standards, with 25 people at the most attending. But to me they were joyful occasions with each cook making her special foods.

My mother-in-law told of the large reunions of her childhood in the early 1900s. She showed me pictures with family groups of more than 100 people gathered for a picnic meal, games, and exchange of family news.

Allen Reunions

About 25 years ago my husband's uncle decided the Allen family should get together so began researching the various lines descended from his great, great grandparents. He found the addresses of many of their descendants and planned the first reunion.

Nearly 130 people attended. It was amazing to see family resemblances in adults and children who'd never met. Enjoyment resulted from developing friendships with relatives we didn't know existed.

It has fallen to Jim and me to keep the gatherings going . As everyone congregates to share potluck, exchange news, add to family history notes, provide pictures for the collection, and play games, we know it's a worthwhile undertaking that will keep the many family branches together and create memories for future generations.


We try to take pictures of our reunions, some posed and many informal. When my husband's uncle organized the first reunion, someone took photos of each family group and compiled them into albums.

I've become involved in scrapbooking and teaching these classes, so am organizing more of the family photos in decorative albums and collages to display on the family memories table. Perhaps this also will give others ideas about preserving their photos for the future.

These can be an accumulation of photos of past generations. Or you might collect photos of current gatherings. There are many ways of grouping them, even having different albums for different families, generations and activities.

Potluck Table

The Potluck Table, where each family contributes a favorite dish, has evolved into food enough to feed everyone, even though each family still brings food for their own needs. We have even developed an Allen Family Cookbook with recipes and food histories contributed by many members.

COUSIN ANNA'S RASPBERRY SQUARES - Knead 5 cups flour, 1 pound solid shortening, 1 teaspoon salt with fingers or two forks. Divide in half and roll out into two crusts to fit 13 x 18-inch pan. (Add a bit of water if needed so the dough will roll.)

Cook 2 cups raspberries, 1 cup water, 1 cup sugar (more if desired), 1 tablespoon cornstarch and dash of lemon juice until thickened.

Put raspberry mixture between two crusts in 13 x 18-inch pan. Brush with 1 egg beaten with cold water to make 1/2 cup. Bake at 400 degrees F. until browned. Serve warm or cool with whipped topping or ice cream.

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Mary Emma Allen researches and writes from her multi-generational NH home. Check out her new site, Tea Time Notes

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