Homemaking Journals

Homemaking Journals

By Dionna Sanchez
I am so excited about the idea of creating a Homemaking Journal to pass down to my daughters. It is something that was actually created centuries ago. Homemaking Journals were actually passed down through family generations in the "olden days." It is a journal where you record in one place all things related to homemaking. All of the things special to you, traditions you have instilled, secrets, tips and more. Here are some ideas if you would like to start one in your family. You can pick and choose any of the following to include in your Homemaking Journal or include them all if you wish!

~Recipes (especially beloved Family recipes that have been in your family for years.)

~Inspirational Poems, quotes, Bible Verses or excerpts that inspire you in your love for family, home and homemaking.

~Tips, tricks, hints and ideas that aid you on a daily basis in helping your home to run smoothly.

~Home Schooling Information - if relevant.

~Health and First Aid Remedies and Tricks

~Ideas and tips for Emergency Preparedness

~List of Birthdates and Anniversaries

~Holiday Traditions

~Kid Stuff (activities, projects and kid recipes like "goop")

~Gardening -planting info, seasonal planting favorites that you have used, tips, tricks and more.

~Seasonal Tips - helpful info on what to do before and after each season changes.

~Your Daily Routines - Do you keep a "to-do" list? Does it help you to stick by a certain schedule?

~Meal Planning - How do you keep organized in your kitchen? What helps you keep meals rotating regularly?

~Budget Outline

~Trusted phone numbers of doctors, dentists, builders, pastors and more.

While you put together your Homemaker's Journal, I think you will find that it has become a labor of love. It will be so treasured and cherished when you hand it down and also will become a valuable resource to whomever you choose to receive it. Whether you give it to your daughters when they move into their first home, your daughter-in-law when she marries your son, or a special neice; this idea is a real winner in creating a homemaking legacy.

About the author

Dionna is Editor/Publisher of Emphasis On Moms. Emphasis is a monthly newsletter focused on giving moms encouragement, support, and genuine tips and ideas to help them enjoy who they are as women and mothers while nurturing their families. Visit her at http://EmphasisOnMoms.com


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