Home Comforts: The Art & Science of Keeping House

Home Comforts: The Art & Science of Keeping House

Cheryl Mendelson

Illustrated by Harry Bates

884 Pages

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I somehow missed learning all the finer details of homemaking as a child. My mother knew them; but, for some reason or another, she neglected to pass them along to me. About all I learned was how to sort the laundry (that one I learned by mistake) and how to take fruit stains out of white shirts. (My grandmother taught me that when she bought me a beautiful new shirt and that very day I proceeded to deposit a huge strawberry blob right on the front. Just in case you don't know, place the shirt over a bowl and pour boiling water through it until the stain is gone.) You don't know how much I needed this book. I have always known how comforting homemaking is, both to do with love and to live in a home where it is a priority; but, I have never known the little tricks to make things come out right. HOME COMFORTS is an astonishing collection of household tips and information that I only wish I had learned at the hands of my mother. (Now, the trick is to start passing this on to my children!)

HOME COMFORTS is the most exhaustive treatise on homemaking published in almost a century!!! Written by a lawyer with a secret passion for homemaking, this book contains information about everything you can possibly think of that has anything to do with running a home. I could take two columns of the catalog making just a short list of all the topics she covers - everything from stain removal, food storage, cleaning hints about anything you might own, care of every type of cloth, proper insurance coverage and domestic employment laws. Really, you will just have to trust me that this woman is thorough. With her impeccable research skills, she tracks down the minute details of everything - like what those labels on the back of your clothes mean (surprising things, as you will find out if you read her explanation). And best of all, besides this incredible bastion of information, there is her philosophy of homemaking; a philosophy of care and consideration, of loving moderation and choice that is peppered throughout the book. Anytime I need a little inspiration to want to confront the mess around here, all I need do is read a few pages of HOME COMFORTS and I will be ready to tackle any cleaning job, all to make my home a nicer place to be.

In this day and age, it is almost a sin to enjoy caring for your home. But many of us know that caring for our homes offers us much more than just a clean house. A lovingly cared for house is a home, a place of respite in this hurried, hectic world of ours. It gives us a place to come home to where our souls can relax and renew themselves before we head back out to fight our battles in the world. And for our children, our homes become a loving embrace. HOME COMFORTS is a truly remarkable compendium, one that you will surely refer to for the rest of your life. (And I believe that you will be happy to own it in hardcover so the binding will last you through the decades!)

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