Fun Holiday Gift Wrapping

Fun Holiday Gift Wrapping
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Ah, gift wrapping...are you a fancy wrapper? Or do you go more for the whimsical approach? I'm a little bit of both, with some rustic charm thrown in. First of all, I firmly believe that kids should be involved in wrapping. We have gifts they help choose and wrap, and then gifts I choose and wrap. My husband throws in wisdom on both counts! So today I have gift wrapping ideas for everyone, and in all styles...


*White tissue paper: I buy the BIG bundle at Sam's Club for less than $5.00 of white only for year round wrapping. We let all three kids stamp the paper with potato stamps. This year we cut out stars and angels. We also cut a carrot in half and I made crisscross cut lines in the top- leaving it round. I patted it dry and they stamped with it. It looked a little like a round snowflake! Be prepared to have places for the paper to dry. Rope tied up tight enough for the paper to hang on works, or the shower curtain rod...or lots of cupboard space.
*White and brown lunch bags: BIG hit with the kids. We cut the tops with decorative scissors. Armed with a hole punch, twine (jute) and ribbon they made their own handles. Then I had white glue and more ribbon, craft sticks, foam snowflakes and sequins. All of this leftover from various crafts throughout the year. The kids decorated 15 bags!

Other ideas:

*Brown craft paper stamped with rubber stamps or left plain, then use natural raffia, gold ribbon or other gold package toppers to decorate.

*Country themed fabric or plain muslin, tied with bows made out of ripped fabric in coordinating colors. Great for gift baskets! Tie on a cinnamon ornament too. If you don't want to cover the entire basket, just cover the gifts in the fabric and tie with a ribbon, then put it in the basket. Place a bow on the basket itself and the tag.

*Plain colored paper-use any color, and decorate the packages with paper doilies. Small ones to put on top of the package with a bow in the middle or big ones to put on each side and then have them meet in the middle, or cut shapes out of the doilies and glue on the package! Buy colored doilies and use to decorate the brown or white craft paper.

*One year I bought plain brown gift bags in bulk and decorated them myself with ribbon, markers, and cutouts from Christmas cards. I used pretty colored tissue paper to loosely wrap the gifts and let it stick out the top.


This year my daughter and I cut off the end of a whole celery stalk and used the end that remains intact (the part that usually goes to the compost) to stamp on brown wrapping paper with red craft paint. It looked like roses all over. Didn't go back over it with green leaves because of time but that would make it look even more like roses. Thanks for the effort you put into your production. ~Michelle


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