St. Patrick's Day Recipes

St. Patrick's Day Recipes
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breadTry these traditional Irish Recipes on St. Patrick's Day this year!


4 cups flour
1 tsp. salt
1 tsp. baking soda
1 tsp. sugar (optional)
2 cups buttermilk or sour milk
1 cup raisins (optional)

Sieve the dry ingredients into a large bowl. Scoop up handfuls and allow to drop back into the bowl to aerate the mixture. Add enough buttermilk to make a soft dough. Now working quickly (the buttermilk and soda react very quickly), knead the dough lightly (too much will toughen it) Form a round loaf about as thick as your fist.

Place it on a floured cookie sheet and cut a cross on the top with a floured knife. Bake as close to the top of the oven as possible in a preheated oven (450) for 30-45 minutes. When the loaf is cooked through, it will sound hollow when you rap it with your knuckles.


1/2 lb. cabbage
3 lb. potatoes
small onion
salt & pepper

Boil the potatoes, drain and mash well. Chop up the cooked cabbage and mix in with the potatoes. Chop the onion and cook in butter until soft. Mix in with potatoes and cabbage.

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Recommended Books

The Little Irish Baking Book By Ruth Isabel Ross:

Charming collection of 77 traditional Irish baking recipes, all wholesome & hearty, many passed down the generations. The classic Irish baking tradition includes such treats as Brown Soda Bread, Potato Yeast Rolls, Drop Scones, Friar's Omelette, Gooseberry Lattice Tart, and Savory Donegal Pie.

The Ballymaloe Bread Book By Tim Allen:

Ireland's Ballymaloe Cookery School is a renowned training ground for excellent chefs and bakers. Now, readers can reap the benefits of world-class tutelage in the art of baking at home with "The Ballymaloe Bread Book." School cofounder Tim Allen shares his expertise in all aspects of breadmaking, from yeast breads and rolls to quick breads and scones. Some examples are Spotted Dog (and its variation, Stripy Cat), Focaccia, Hot Cross Buns, Naan, Malted Sourdough, and especially the famous Ballymaloe Brown Yeast Bread. Allen even includes several classic accompaniments, like Raspberry Jam and Isaac's Roasted Tomato Sauce. More than just a volume of recipes, "The Ballymaloe Bread Book" demonstrates basic principles and useful techniques, so at-home bakers can experiment and expand their repertoire with confidence.

Image: (bread pictured is not soda bread.)


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