Vintage Autumn Entertaining Tips

Vintage Autumn Entertaining Tips

By Brenda Hyde

This idea from "Bright Ideas for Entertaining" (1905) is charming! Imagine giving this social and decorating in an apple theme, setting up stations with various apple games---bobbing for apples, biting apples hanging from strings, throwing apples through a target etc. Setting up tables with centerpieces made of apples. The ideas would never end! Plus, by visiting a local orchard you can usually get bushels of apples at a cheaper price! The food would of course---have to have apple as an ingredient. The following is the apple social idea from the book and I followed it with an apple punch recipe. I hope you enjoy this as much I have!

Apple Social

Cards are sent out with the following:

Come to the Apple Social and see who gets the




Social given by ----------

Monday evening, September 10, 1905

Have cards printed with a letter on each one, forming the names of various apples; for instance, you could use G-R-E-E-N-I-N-G and B-A-L-D-W-I-N. Have as many letters of one color made as there are letters in the name of the apple, and have each group of letters a separate color. These are passed to the guests, after which each one proceeds to find the rest of the letters colored like the one he holds, and when the group is complete, the holders of the letters proceed to spell out the name of their apple.

Each group then composes an original poem on its apple. The poems are read to the audience, then the prize of B-A-P(Big Apple Pie) is given to the best poem. L-A-P(little apple pie) to the poorest poem, and N-A-P (no apple pie) to the group who doesn't compose a poem. All kinds of apples are served for refreshments.

Apple Cider Punch


4 quarts Apple Cider

1 cup packed brown sugar

6 ounces frozen concentrated lemonade

6 ounces frozen concentrated orange juice

6 whole Cloves

6 whole Allspice

1 tsp. ground Nutmeg

3 Cinnamon sticks

Tie the whole spices in cheesecloth or a tea infuser. Add to the other ingredients in a large pan or crockpot and heat, stirring occasionally. Serve warm in punch cups or serve cold--adding ice to the punch bowl.

About the author

Brenda Hyde is a wife and Mom of three, a freelance writer, editor of the Old Fashioned Living newsletters. To see descriptions visit the newsletter page


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