New Year's Fun for Kids

New Year's Fun for Kids


By Brenda Hyde

New Year's Eve is more of an adult time, and even New Year'sDay is not near as exciting for the kids as other holidays.  Thereare a few things you could do tomorrow to involve the kids.

If theyare a little older, 7 and up, talk to them about some resolutions forthe coming year.  Explain to them that last year is under our beltand a new fresh year is yet to come.  What would they like toaccomplish? Are there a series of books they want read?  A sportor game they want to learn?  Maybe they want to start collectingsomething. Make sure their goals are realistic, and be sure to keepit light.  As adult we tend to put pressure on ourselves and we don'twant to do that with kids.

Here are a few other fun New Year's Day ideas!

-Make a time capsule with each child finding things theywant to add, and writing notes about the year.  Put it allin a resealable plastic bag and put it in with the Christmasdecorations to find next year!

-Rose Parade Fun!  I love the Rose Parade, so this is aneasy one for me.  Watch the parade with the kids, andask them what kind of float they would make out of allnatural things.  Let them sketch something if they wish!

-Start a new fun tradition.  Bake silly cookies, make pinecones for the birds, sing Christmas carols one last timewhile putting away the last of the decorations!  Most ofall, have fun together and make some memories.

About the author
Brenda Hyde is a wife and mom to three who lives in thewinter wonderland of Michigan. She is a freelance writer andeditor of


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