The Best Mother's Day Gifts Are Free!

The Best Mother's Day Gifts Are Free!

By Rachel Webb Copyright ©2001

They say that the best Mother's Day gifts are free and I certainly have my share of treasured macaroni necklaces saturated in food coloring. But as wonderful as those hand-made crafts of love are to me, there is another free gift that children and husbands seem to overlook that would undoubtedly be equally cherished.

When I was very young I remember asking my mother what she wanted for Mother's Day. Her answer, "Don't fight with your brother and obey when I ask you to do something!" Disappointed that she had not mentioned a store bought gift, I never took her answer seriously thinking to myself that I already obeyed her everytime she asked anyway!

Whenever there is a poll of the best Mother's Day gift ideas you can always figure out which answers were given by real moms. The only thing mom really wants is a day off. Where a day off from parenting and child teaching or discipline is not realistic for a responsible parent, a day off from laundry, dishes, dusting, and housework is certainly possible. But what about the other 364 days of the year? Mom doesn't usually get a day off because the work is never done.

Brent Barlow, the author of, "What Wives Expect of Husbands" wanted to show his wife how much he appreciated her. He bought her a bouquet of flowers with plans to surprise her by taking her out to a fancy restaurant. When he announced his plans his wife Susan answered, "If you really want to show me you love me, go wash the dishes!"

Mom, Terri Camp understands the frustration of never-ending work. "I would often look around and see all the things that were yet left to do. Then I would say to myself. "I'm off duty! They can wait until morning." So I would consciously go off duty. Of course I was still on call for the occasional bouts of the flu, etc. But it felt good to know that I was done each day. Not finished mind you, but done!"

Even if you are one of the lucky moms who gets a day off for Mother's Day don't forget to punch an imaginary time-card and take some much deserved time-off on a daily basis!

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