How to Get the Perfect Mother's Day Gift!

How to Get the Perfect Mother's Day Gift!

By Rachel & Walter Webb Copyright ©2001

Before Sigmund Freud died he wrote, "The great question...which I have not been able to answer, despite my thirty years of research into the feminine soul, is 'What does a woman want?". Somewhere along the way women have started to believe that if he really loves me, he will figure out what I want. May I suggest that if you really love him, TELL him what you want! Simplify your life, strengthen your relationship and take the mystery out of how he can help make you happy.

In the best selling book, "Men are From Mars, Women are From Venus" John Gray lists 101 ways to score points with a woman. Do you envy Johns' wife? Her husband 'gets it'. He knows how to make her happy. Want to know how he figured it out - She told him! Ok so she may not have made the list for him and let him publish it, but when he tried out the 101 ideas she offered appreciation, feedback, thanks and positive support for his behavior. Non-verbally telling him what she wants by her response.

Ideally, a well thought out gift from your significant other on your Birthday, Mother's day and other important holidays should not be asking to much. But, if you have not spent the entire year letting him know your likes and dislikes don't be surprised if you do not receive a gift that suits your needs, personality, style and taste. That is, if your needs, personality, style and taste have remained the same long enough for him to start a mental file of your hints. Even the best husband should not be expected to read his wife's mind...lets face it ladies, we change our minds too often!

I recommend giving the man in your life 3 suggestions on what to give you for holidays. Three items to choose from shows them that you trust their choice and yet still offers you an element of surprise before you open the present.

Now about that list. Unless your husband is extraordinary in the memory and shopping skills department, write out the list by item including the store address, color, size, and price range. Most men will find a gift list useless and frustrating without the added details but are genuinely anxious to please you if they are only shown how. In fact, they may become so excited to have successfully found the item you asked for they will pay ANYTHING to obtain it...thus the suggested price range!

The fact of the matter is that most men would be grateful if you bought your own gift, wrapped it and put their name on it, however, most women would find this highly objectionable. By communicating openly about your idea of the perfect gift you create a winning situation for you, your husband AND the store employee behind the return counter!

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