Personalized Mother's Day T-Shirts

Personalized Mother's Day T-Shirts
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Why not make Mom a special shirt that is personalized with love? Give it to her first thing Mother's Day morning and she will feel like the World's Greatest Mom all day long! (This also works like a charm for Grandmas)
You will need:

Clean T-shirt in Mom's size and favorite color
Fabric Paint in several different colors
Stiff cardboard
Paintbrushes and sponges
coated paper or plastic plates

Wash and dry your shirt-even if it's new. Be sure to wear an old shirt while doing this project and lay down newspapers or craft paper on your work surface. Practice your design on paper and decide what you are going to do before painting on the shirt. You can draw Mom's favorite flowers or fun designs like dots and zigzags then place one of these sayings in the middle of your design on the very front of the shirt:

World's Greatest Mom

Coolest Mom in Town

World's Best Mom

We love you Mom!

My Mom is Fantastic!

You get the idea, so try coming up with one of your own! Leave room at the bottom of the t-shirt for your name, or if you have brothers and sisters, all of the names. Once you have your design and saying picked out and you have practiced, you are ready to paint your shirt.

Cut a stiff piece of cardboard the size of the shirt. Place it inside between the two sides of the shirt so the paints don't bleed through to the back.

Use the fabric paints with tips to write your saying in the middle of the shirt front. If you have time, let this dry for 24 hours, laying flat, before you paint the designs. If you can't wait, be extra careful not to smear the writing. Squirt fabric paint onto your paper or plastic plates, not mixing the colors. Dip your sponges or brushes lightly into a color and blot them on a piece of paper towel. Now make the designs on the shirt all around the saying.

When the shirt is finished let it lay flat for 24 hours. Turn the shirt inside out and cover with a clean cloth. Iron each section of the shirt using the warm setting. This will help prevent fading of the paint.


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