Creative Ways to Give Money

Creative Ways to Give Money


money giftBy Rachel Webb

Everyone likes to receive money as a gift, but giving money in a card can get boring. Here are some unique ways to give money that will surprise and delight the recipient.


Cut several 10 inch ribbons and tie several dollar bills in the middle to make a bowtie. Next, Tie the ribbon strands to the open spokes of the umbrella. While holding the umbrella partway open, push all of the ribbons and money into the umbrella and close it up so they can't be seen.


Buy a toy dump truck and fill it with unrolled coins then wrap the dump truck as usual. Tie some unused coin wrappers into your bow so that the child can enjoy rolling the coins later after the party. This idea also works great as a whimsical gift for a construction worker or at a retirement party for a truck driver use a semi truck full of money.


Buy a toy piggy bank or combination lock bank and fill it with cash as a smart way to teach kids to start saving money. Open a savings account in your child or grandchild's name as another way to give money that will be used wisely.


The home computer has made coupon books easy and professional looking. Trying to think creatively about what your loved one needs is the hardest part of making meaningful coupons. Would your husband love his own indoor tailgate party with a coupon for a night of uninterrupted football coverage complete with his favorite snacks and drinks? Or maybe your young teenage daughter needs a coupon book offering taxi rides anywhere her and her friends want to be chauffeured for the night? You get the idea. Be creative.


Cut a small tree branch with lots of smaller branches coming off the main one. Mix plaster of paris with water for a stiff consistency and add it to a flower pot or other container. If you are using a terracotta pot make sure you cover the bottom drainage hole with plastic wrap or tape before filing it with the plaster. Next, insert the tree branch and let it harden overnight. Using hot glue add spanish moss to cover the top of the plaster. You can also hot glue silk plant leaves to the branches for a realistic effect. Last, tie money bills to the tree branches for a unusual gift.


Fold bills in half and roll tightly into miniature roses. Secure the roses with a craft wire or florist tape adding a silk stem and leaves as you wrap. Put the dollar roses in a fancy tissue lined box or beautiful vase with real baby's breath and floral filler for a very romantic way to give money!


Not only do piñata's make a fun party game try stuffing it with coins and money as a fun gift idea! Mexican Indians originally made piñata's as a way to depict their idols and worship their gods. But today you will find piñata’s being used around the world and they come in many different shapes. For another unique way to give money, buy a piñata shaped as a pig. You could also easily make your own giant piggy bank piñata.

To make a Piñata you will need:

1 - 9" - 25" sturdy,empty helium balloon

Optional smaller balloons

12" wide strips of newspaper

Decoupage glue

Sharp scissors

Lots of Coins

Step 1 - Start by inflating the balloon and tying a knot in the end. You can tape several balloons together to create the shape you want your piñata to be but a oval is the easiest shape to work with.

Step 2- Carefully dip the strips on newspaper into the decoupage and gently lay it across the balloon working vertically until it is covered. Continue covering the balloon in the opposite direction horizontally. You can continue adding newspaper strips until the balloon feels solid and firm. When it is dry, use a pin to pop the balloon.

Step 3- Next paint the balloon whatever color you wish and embellish it as desired.

Step 4-Find a place where the a hole will not be easily noticed and cut three sides of a square to create a door that can be opened. Fill your piñata with lots of coins!

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